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Smart Contact Center

Smart Choice Communications understands the importance of providing the best customer service experience possible. Smart Contact Center grants your agents the flexibility and convenience to operate more efficiently and gives your callers a reliable platform to find the answers they seek.

Smart Contact Centers are a great way to manage waiting calls and create a convenient system for your customers and your team. Using advanced real-time analytics and reporting, you can monitor agent activity to help make data-driven decisions that can improve performance and boost productivity. You can even set up IVR and self-service options to allow callers to reach their destination quickly without going through an operator or receptionist. Our Click to Call extension gives you the ability to go from browsing to conversing seamlessly, allowing you to make phone calls directly from your Chrome browser with just one click. Plus, Smart Call Center can be integrated with your CRM, so customer accounts and information are easily accessible to your agents at any time.

Contact Center

Smart Contact Center:

Smart Contact Center lets you easily create customized queues that direct waiting calls to a designated department or group of agents. Each queue can be edited onscreen right from your OMNI Portal, and catered to your distinct business needs with features like ring order, instant agent log in, automatic call recording, timeout features, and many more. You’ll also be able to provide callers with hold time updates and instructions on how to access alternate destinations and features within your enterprise, all to create an easier experience and keep them on the line.

Custom Queue Groups:
Instantly add or remove queue agents.

Ring Order Options:
Create a sequential list of receiving agents, or choose a ring strategy that directs calls based on queue activity.

Agent Activity:
Monitor productivity for each queue agent.

Agent Status Display:
Let your queue agents log on, log off, or indicate an alternate status simply by dialing a designated code.

Hold Time Reporting:
Provide estimated hold times through periodic announcements for waiting callers.

Custom Music:
Choose the music your callers will hear while in the queue.

Call Recording:
Save all queue calls as audio files.

Smart Contact Center:
Click To Call

With features such as Click to Call, you can boost productivity, save time and operate more efficiently at your desk. Our Click to Call extension gives you the ability to go from browsing to conversing seamlessly, allowing you to make phone calls directly from your Chrome browser with just one click. Once installed, Click to Call’s advanced smart browsing script will scan all websites for phone numbers, and create a direct link to contact them via your IP business phone. All you have to do is click on the phone number to make a call!

Make Calls Seamlessly:
Click on any phone number in your Chrome browser and automatically make the call from your IP phone.

On-Screen Pop-ups:
On screen pop-up notifications display caller ID information.

View Call Data on Screen:
View real time call information right on your computer screen within your Chrome browser.

Easy Installation & Setup:
SCC’s Click to Call extension can be downloaded and installed in just a few quick steps–all you need are your Omni Portal credentials!

Smart Contact Center:

Smart Choice allows you to analyze and manage your call queue data, so you can effectively keep track of what is going on in your network. We make it easy to understand your reports with our inline help, and give you the option to download and customize reports at your convenience.

Predefined Reports:
With Call Center Stats PRO, view report data in categories such as Distribution, Answered and Unanswered Service Level Reports, Agent Availability, and many more.

PDF & Excel Export:
Download viewed information in CSV (for Excel compatible spreadsheets) or PDF format.

Realtime Information:
The Realtime Dashboard shows agent activity, calls waiting, timers, etc. You can also view the summary table with calls offered/answered for that day.

Report Designer:
Customize reports with your own metrics or formulas. No coding required!

Search Forms:
Search by Caller ID, Agent, Queue, Call Duration, Unique ID, and Date Ranges.

Detailed Drill-Down Grids:
View easy to read drill-down grids displaying call details from grouped results.

Inline Help:
Interpret call queue data easily with detailed tool tips.

HTML5 Charts:
View content with the convenience of HTML5. Interact with multimedia content on your computer or mobile device effortlessly. No need for Adobe Flash Player plugins or applications!

Smart Contact Center:

Smart Console puts you at the forefront of your call network. Smart Choice gives you the opportunity to oversee your entire network’s activity at any given time, all on one screen. With Smart Console, enjoy the convenience of controlling your call network and desk phone via your computer, so you can save time and increase productivity.

Oversee Call Activity:
Observe all call data (call length, extensions in use, etc.) with ease and in real time.

Queue Wait View:
View real time status information of live call queues.

Drag & Drop Calls:
Make a call from your desk speakerphone simply by dragging and dropping your username onto the intended recipient. You can also use blind transfer to connect calls by dragging and dropping one user’s name onto another.

Call Park:
Put a call on hold from one telephone and continue the conversation from any other telephone from any location in the world.

Spy & Whisper & Barge:
Enter a call and listen in without disturbing the parties on the line. Users on the same network can whisper in without the customer ever hearing them. Designated users (with permissions) can listen in on a call and enter the conversation at will.

Direct to Voicemail:
Skip the ringing and go straight to recording a message for the intended recipient.

Call Recording:
Record calls in real time for future playback.

Smart Contact Center:
Virtual Receptionist

Smart Choice ensures your callers receive the proper attention and support when they need it the most. The Virtual Receptionist is your virtual phone answering and routing service that allows your customers to receive live help whenever they need it, 24 x 7 x 365. With Smart Receptionist, give your callers the comfort of speaking with a live agent who will work to find their intended recipient based on your predetermined specifications and protocols.

Cloud-based Ticketing solution with an easy to use interface:
Every email, chat, or call that comes in can be converted into a ticket providing great visibility and central control in dealing with IT issues to ensure that businesses suffer no downtime.

24 x 7 x 365 Live Answer:
SCC’s professional and courteous agents answer your calls immediately at any time–24 x 7 x 365.

Relay to Customer via Email, Phone, SMS:
Our agents route your calls accordingly and proceed to contact the designated recipient via Phone, Email and/or SMS Text Messaging.

Inbound Call Recording/On-The-Fly Recording:
Manage and playback inbound call recordings from all callers. You never have to worry about inaccurate messages being relayed.

Call Queue Analytics:
View and filter detailed statistics of call activity (extensions, peak times, etc.) and agent performance (top talkers, call times, etc.) directly within your Omni Portal.

Customizable Call Queue Greeting:
Completely customize and white label call greetings specifically to your company, so your customers can always feel at ease when they call.

Call Escalation:
Manage your call escalation time frame (ex. 1,5,15 minute intervals) to seek the next available resource for your customers to contact to receive the help they need.

Manage Calls Via Omni Portal:
View call data, playback voice recordings and manage settings conveniently and seamlessly directly within your Omni Portal.

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Smart Contact Center

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