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A network built to secure your business.

SCC houses it’s core technology infrastructure and global network in multiple, state-of-the-art data centers to reliably deliver business-class phone and fax functionality over the web.


  • Scale Infinitely
  • Full-scale testing laboratory

With over thousands of users relying on SCC, we handle 10’s of millions of minutes of voice traffic and billions over the years. Today our data centers are equipped to handle twice that capacity, which leaves us plenty of room for growth. To keep expansion efforts from ever affecting our customers’ phone service, we maintain a full-scale laboratory environment to thoroughly test any network changes before we thoroughly roll them out.


  • Vendor neutral
  • Commodity-based servers
  • Three layers of failover redundancy

We don’t expect our servers to operate indefinitely without failure. We know from experience that any equipment can fail. When it comes to network availability and “up-time,” we believe the best approach is to build multiple layers of redundancy into a vendor-agnostic, commodity-based architecture. We also believe that our architecture IS our technology—which is why we treat this knowledge as strategic, closely guarded information. We don’t reveal the details of our configuration to anyone. We utilize many load balancing and failover technologies to keep our telephony systems continuously up and running. For example, we designate primary and standby servers in each of our data center locations to maximize redundancy

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