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International Retail Company Looks to SmartChoice to Provide an All-in-One Technology Platform to Unite & Standardize over 40 Locations






3,297 employees



Unified Communications for Retail

Company Background

This contemporary retail brand is characterized by quality fabrics, authentic vintage washes, and unique detailing with hundreds of locations worldwide.  Its unique styles have proven its growth to becoming one of the most prominent fashion companies across America.

Retail Unified Communications Solution

The Challenge

Before SmartChoice, the famous retail brand was using multiple systems from different providers.  Their traditional phone system was inadequate, and they had problems with service reliability.  Their IT Manager needed to connect numerous company locations on a high-speed network, all while reducing costs.

Unified Communications Solution for Retail

The Smart Solution

Downtime and losses were the primary reasons why the retail company abandoned its traditional telecom system and replaced it with SmartChoice’s unified communications platform.  


One of the key benefits that the company experienced right away was the cloud’s reliability. Because servers support the platform in multiple locations, the system remains operational even though there are widespread outages in certain regions.  


An additional benefit of switching to SmartChoice was the cost savings. SmartChoice went to each worksite to install Polycom IP telephones and conducted training on the new phones for their users, leading to ease of use and overall transparency.

The global leader’s monthly phone rates were drastically reduced while experiencing improved call and technical support reliability.

“I wanted one company where I could call one number, and the company would immediately take care of it. I experienced multiple issues in the past, causing a lot of lost time and, more importantly, lost money.”

-US IT Manager

Products and Features

  • Cabling, Infrastructure Design, and Deployment
  • Network Security and SD-WAN
  • Smart Hands

The Result

Scalability and rapid deployment were essential for the retail company.  The company wanted an innovative solution that was efficient yet simple to upgrade.  SmartChoice provided these instant network updates because our solutions were cloud-based.

Unified Communications provides Retail a softphone solution

Through softphone integration, real-time analytics, and conference bridges, the retail brand’s management team can oversee the business’s operations with a bird’s eye view – increasing company productivity and awareness.

“I am used to working with multiple vendors who do different things, so having one company act as the one go-to place for all technological needs is amazing.”

-US IT Manager

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