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Healthcare Center Revamps Technology System with HIPAA Compliant UCaaS Solution, Boosting Productivity Levels & Growth






Northeastern United States

healthcare voice cloud solution

Company Background

This healthcare company was formed as a collaboration of two medical practices to form one comprehensive practice and currently serves patients through multiple locations across New York.

“SmartChoice is a proactive business that supplies me with crucial data and other business analytics, making us more efficient in the things that we do.”

-Director of Information Technology

The Challenge

The health center maintained confidential patient information, resulting to a need for a reliable communication solution that was HIPAA compliant.

The center was also experiencing slow internet speeds, which were subject to power outages. They had no mobile option and were paying extremely high prices for minimal service.

In the pursuit of a replacement, the Director of Information Technology followed a positive recommendation to SmartChoice. He was met with an industry-leading solution that met all his company’s requirements.

healthcare voice cloud solution

The Smart Solution

Before switching to a cloud communication solution, the staff had several issues with its traditional phone system and relied on various third-party services to maintain it. Working with numerous vendors was time-consuming and troublesome.

SmartChoice provided a robust solution that has the ability to be managed remotely. Utilizing our analytics, they were able to gain a deeper understanding of their productivity levels and overall business dynamic.

“Before SmartChoice transitioned us to a cloud solution, our company would experience frequent outages. I know of other competitors in our industry that have been down, whereas my system has not been down in fifteen years of working with SmartChoice.”

-Director of Information Technology

Unified Communications

Products and Features

  • UCaaS Solution
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • VOIP Solution
  • Equipment Routers, VPN
  • Network Security

“SmartChoice always treats me like a platinum customer. The communication solution is awesome, and it’s paired with a fantastic troubleshooting set.”

– Director of Information Technology

healthcare voice cloud solution

The Result

As a growing company, it was essential to the team that the setup and use of their phone system would be easy and non-disruptive, especially for its new employees.

One of the company’s features heavily relies on are individual conference bridges to collaborate with colleagues between different offices. Simultaneously, the softphone app is another tool that allows their staff to receive calls when they’re away from their desks.

SmartChoice provided the staff with a communications system that did not require extensive training and could be maintained internally. It granted its employees more time to work on other, more crucial projects.

Being professionals in the medical field, the healthcare company knew that SmartChoice was the best choice.

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