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Move Clients From
PBX to the Cloud Without Forklifting.

Historically, the only option was to rip-and-replace your customer's current telecom infrastructure, which can be costly and disruptive. SmartChoice has a better way...

Move Clients from
PBX to the Cloud Without Forklifting Everything.

Historically, the only option was to rip-and-replace your customer's current telecom infrastructure, which can be costly and disruptive. SmartChoice has a better way...

Download MSP/PBX Vendor Guide to Protecting Your Revenue in a Cloud World
MSP/PBX Vendor Guide to the Cloud

Phased Approach for Customers and
Continued Revenue for You

Each phase of decommissioning your client's PBX system is designed to provide increased levels of functionality, while ensuring their operational continuity. Together with you, we support the change process at your client's pace.


Phase 1

Simple connectivity changes with
minimal disruption. We help businesses swap
their traditional phone lines with SmartChoice
SIP trunks, EPRI or EPOTS.

Phase 2

Gradual rollout of cloud communications
functionalities. This allows customers to adopt
new features at their own pace and according
to their specific needs and preferences.

Phase 3

A more comprehensive integration and
adoption of cloud communication services
and phasing out of old systems, including the
potential removal of physical hardware.

The Best Solution for You and Your Client


Our phased approach allows your clients to upgrade at their own pace, ensuring minimal disruption to their business operation.


Expand your product range into
cloud-based services, providing more value
to your clients and increasing your revenue.


Maintain and strengthen your
client relationships by offering
cutting-edge, reliable solutions.

Who Is SmartChoice?

SmartChoice is the Voice Carrier, Internet Service Provider, Microsoft Teams Partner, and Service Expert all wrapped up in one.


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What Partners Are Saying

Kathleen Goldman

“SmartChoice allowed us to work with staff in real-time as we ported into the SmartChoice environment. SmartChoice met with each practice weekly to support the lift onto the new platform. For me, as their Managed Service Provider, having support in real time was instrumental in the success and safety of a migration of this size with SmartChoice staff readily available 24X7 as needed”

Abraham Abadi
Abadi Group

“One of the reasons why we like using SmartChoice is their exceptional customer service. When you call, usually within five to ten seconds, someone picks up the phone, addresses your issue, and you can move on with your day. There’s no complicated red tape, no need to provide account numbers or PINs. It’s a straightforward and efficient process”

Michael Cafaro

“One big strength of SmartChoice is how they handle their partner and client relationships. Despite having grown over the years, they still maintain a smaller company feel where customers are important, and relationships matter. They also have a strong ability to customize solutions for their clients, which is very valuable. They solve problems efficiently.”

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