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Multi-location Health Center Removes Legacy System & Upgrades to UCaaS Solution, Enhancing Customer Service & Workforce Productivity






175 employees


Northeastern United States

healthcare hosted PBX

Company Background

This healthcare organization is a non-profit, family health center with location across the northeastern United States. They specialize in caring for patients of all ages with an emphasis upon wellness, preventative care, and disease management.

“We knew that we needed a software partner that was willing to offer a level of customization. Furthermore, we required a flexible platform that could communicate without any disruptions.”

– IT and Network
Infrastructure Manager

The Challenge

Improving call quality was a top priority when the organization began searching for alternatives.

Due to working with another voice service provider, the healthcare organization’s call quality was highly unreliable. Call transfers would be sent to unknown numbers, conversations weren’t clear, and worst of all, calls would frequently drop altogether.

With their previous Avaya system, calls from one location to the other were external calls, which resulted in additional costs. Each site had its analog telephone PBX that had become obsolete and did not offer any of the advantages that a cloud-based Hosted-PBX provides to businesses.

According to their IT and Network Infrastructure Manager, they needed a solution that would allow them to communicate efficiently and connect all five company locations.

Healthcare voip phone solution

VVX 300 Series Polycom Phones

The Smart Solution

After selecting Smart Choice to provide a company-wide voice solution, the healthcare team was immediately impressed by the smooth transition.

In just a few days, the new voice system was launched seamlessly. Over two days spread throughout five locations, Smart Choice’s certified field engineers installed a total of 175 phones. They also installed a wall-mounted network data communications rack cabinet with patch panels and leads.

Each location had its own IT rack, respectively assembled with two routers and one switch per site, with one site having two switches. The center now has a high-performance structured network cabling infrastructure that serves their voice connectivity requirements.

Furthermore, each staff member received a one-on-one session to learn how to operate their new phone system and become familiar with its features.

Cabling Job After Look

“We experienced zero disruption to our customer contact center while installing and transitioning to our new system. Smart Choice provided the perfect solution to meet our business needs.”

– IT and Network Infrastructure Manager

Products and Features

  • UCaaS
  • Cabling
  • Circuits
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Infrastructure
  • Internet
  • Network Security
  • Omnivoice Portal
  • Smart Analytics
  • Smart Contact Center
  • Smart Fax
  • Smart Hands

Smart Choice allowed the healthcare center to benefit from a highly complex IVR platform with multiple conditions, including time and toggle menus. Additionally, due to the center’s ability to cater to diverse patients, the developed IVR was in English and Spanish.

The information derived from Smart Choice’s Smart Analytics, specifically the Smart Queue Analytics, became a vital tool for advancement.

Suppose the health center was operating at 40 calls per hour and the Smart Analytics showed that they were not all being answered. In that case, the IT Manager could recommend increasing the number of receptionists. The live reports could also let the center know when wait times in the queue were too long or if an employee was only answering five calls during peak business hours when they should be attending to more.

Smart Choice’s live reports improved customer service by analyzing queue data to ensure proper staffing levels. By leveraging live reports on inbound and outbound calls in real-time, displayed on dashboards within the Smart Choice Portal, their IT Manager was able to track call traffic and prevent potential queue backups, avoiding lost revenue.

Smart Choice deployed a solution that provided significant savings to the center’s voice expenses and increases their monthly revenue due to the impact on productivity levels. More importantly, because that system was cloud-based, the voice service supports multiple offices, allowing calls to move seamlessly back and forth between the different locations.

VoIP communication solution

The Result

Ensuring that the healthcare organization had appropriate telecommunication resources and tools to handle future growth was the primary responsibility of SmartChoice.

“I no longer worry day-to-day. With Smart Choice’s voice services, we have high-definition audio, and the calls are amazing.”

– IT and Network Infrastructure Manager

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