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Back up all your critical first responder lines 24x7x365 with a state-of-the-art internal Li-ion battery-powered device and 4G LTE technology.

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Smart EPOTS Wireless is a solution for the replacement of existing analog lines. With our level of experience, Smart Choice can convert all types of existing POTS lines with next-generation technologies such as VoIP and cellular LTE 4G/5G.

POTS Challenges

Companies that have plain old telephone services (POTS), also called copper, analog or TDM lines are having challenges such as:

  • Copper infrastructure is antiquated and quickly being decommissioned.
  • Prices can fluctuate on each region, and in many areas, price is increasing.
  • Many service outages are not being repaired.
  • Service restoration after natural disasters may or may not be restored.

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Learn how Smart EPOTS Wireless Works.

This solution resides on sites operating as a Managed Facility-based Voice Network or MFVN and it is under the NFPA operating requirements for fire and safety alarms.

  • Direct replacement of existing POTS with loop start lines or ground start trunks.
  • Dual-SIM capable on diverse carriers for highest reliability.
  • Internal Li-ion battery provides 8-hour capacity under full usage and 24-hour standby power.
  • It requires rack or wall-mounted Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) that uses 4G LTE, internet, or traditional PRI.
  • Private LTE network with advanced security and end-to-end encryption on all calls and faxes.

Solution Fitting For Any Industry.

Smart Choice provides service options for many different applications connected through POT lines, including but not limited to the following industries:


  • Compatible with ATM machines.
  • Emergency voice backup.
  • PCI compliant for payments, POS, other financial transactions.
  • Rapid natural disaster recovery.


  • Complete voice, POS solution for high-value seasonal.
  • Emergency voice backup.
  • PCI compliant for POS and financial transactions.
  • Pop-up stores connectivity.


  • Fax support including high-volume, long-form and eFax.
  • HIPAA compliant for medical, pharmacy and insurance environments.

Smart EPOTS Wireless Benefits

  • †24x7x365 U.S Based monitoring and tech support.
  • †Advanced voice features including ring-down, forwarding, groups, and voicemail.
  • †Compatible with all existing analog line devices, including alarms, fax, POS, elevators, and legacy modems.
  • †Complies with local codes e911 and life safety applications.
  • †Data usage Analytics and Reporting.
  • †Easy and fast to deploy.
  • †Integration of several communications devices like security alarms, Fax, Emergency Box, fire panels, etc.
  • †Lower monthly cost.
  • †Most repairs done remotely without an on-site visit.
  • †VoIP option delivered on industry-leading equipment.
  • †Single bill for all locations nationwide.
  • †Single point of contact and streamlined management.
  • †Wireless option utilizes the best in breed 4G/5G LTE Carriers.
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