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Case Study:

Biotech Company Transforms Their Communication Infrastructure and Reduces Costs

Case Study:

Biotech Company Transforms Their Communication Infrastructure and Reduces Costs

Communication Infrastructure update

Customer updated their communication infrastructure


uniQure, a leading biotechnology company with three US-based locations


Achieved a 30% reduction in expenses, eliminated unnecessary cell phones and private voice lines, and improved operational efficiency


Overhauled communication infrastructure from outdated voice services over copper to a cloud-based solution with SmartChoice UCaaS plus Microsoft Teams; SmartChoice was brought in by Abadi Group based out of New Jersey to help define and implement the solution

Key Takeaways:

Rapid transition within three weeks, comprehensive solution for hybrid workforce, substantial cost savings, seamless implementation, empowered remote work


UniQure, a pioneering company in the biotechnology industry, faced an array of communication challenges stemming from an outdated phone system. It was no longer meeting their evolving needs, and they were burdened by old infrastructure, numerous handsets and increasingly high cell phone bills.

Seeking a quick and efficient solution for their hybrid workforce, uniQure turned to their full service telecom implementation company called Abadi Group, who brought SmartChoice to the table to help define the best solution for their needs.

Initial Challenges

UniQure’s pre-existing communication setup posed significant hurdles. Their legacy phone system had grown obsolete and required an urgent upgrade to accommodate the company’s expanding operations.

“We were using Lumen for voice services over copper, which had become increasingly expensive and outdated”

Stephen Yap
uniQure’s Senior Systems Administrator in their IT department.

Additionally, uniQure employees were burdened with multiple cell phones for both work and personal use when not in the office, leading to confusion and inefficiency. Due to the risks involved, they did not want their employees using personal cell phone numbers to conduct professional business. Furthermore, managing the PBX system became a dedicated task, diverting resources from core business activities.

Seeking Help

UniQure turned to Abadi Group, their full service telecom solutions integrator, for help. Abadi Group had established a reputation for providing the right solution for them in the past when uniQure faced challenges with their existing Internet lines.

“Abadi Group stepped in once again, helping us migrate to SmartChoice, who efficiently handled our voice services through [Microsoft] Teams”, said Yap.

Communication Infrastructure provider solution

Differentiating Factors

SmartChoice’s approach stood out due to its comprehensive approach and solutions. Instead of offering a mere equipment upgrade, SmartChoice embarked on a thorough analysis of uniQure’s requirements.

The collaboration with Abadi Group and uniQure commenced with a rapid turnaround plan, involving the assignment of a project manager, a project coordinator, and a project engineer. This dedicated team crafted a detailed project plan to transition uniQure from the obsolete system to SmartChoice plus Microsoft Teams within just three weeks.

Implementation Process

With the project team’s guidance, uniQure successfully eliminated 90% of their handsets while retaining only what was essential. On-site training and deployment ensured a smooth transition, minimizing disruptions to daily operations.

The approach from SmartChoice and Abadi Group extended beyond just equipment replacement; it was a full-service solution that addressed uniQure’s unique needs and was differentiated from competitors who might have opted for a simple like-for-like handset replacement.

9% Less Handsets

“The entire team from the planning team to the prep and install team, no one could represent SmartChoice better,” explained Jim Haley, uniQure’s IT Operations Manager. “With every step would come an update. When someone said they would do something, it was done immediately. With the install, the team was absolutely awesome.” He continued, “On top of everything that needed to be done, they made great suggestions, when we hesitated. In summary, I can honestly say that we did really make the smart choice by choosing SmartChoice.”

30% Reduction in Overall Cost

Financial Benefits and Savings

UniQure’s decision to implement the SmartChoice plus Microsoft Teams solution yielded remarkable cost savings and operational enhancements. They experienced a 30% reduction in expenses across the board.

The elimination of multiple cell phones, along with the integration of Teams, translated to significant financial benefits. Additionally, UniQure no longer required a dedicated resource to manage the PBX system, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives.

The Right Partners Impact the Bottom Line

It was immediately clear that uniQure’s investment in modernizing their communication infrastructure led to cost savings. The transition eliminated the need for private voice lines, resulting in the discontinuation of unnecessary voice circuits. This shift also facilitated remote work capabilities, aligning with the evolving work landscape.

“The Abadi Group’s ability to leverage their knowledge of carriers and services was instrumental in meeting our unique needs,” emphasized Yap as he explained the impact that Abadi Group had by introducing SmartChoice for this project. “They skillfully parlayed the right carriers and solutions to match our requirements perfectly, providing us with a reliable and cost-effective network infrastructure.”

Customer is satisfied with their new Communication system


The collaboration between uniQure, Abadi Group and SmartChoice exemplifies the power of tailoring solutions to address unique challenges. By rapidly transitioning uniQure’s communication infrastructure from an outdated phone system to Microsoft Teams, SmartChoice and Abadi Group demonstrated their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions. The seamless implementation process, substantial cost savings, and enhanced operational efficiency underscored the impact of the partnership.

UniQure’s story is a testament to how strategic choices in communication solutions can drive measurable improvements and financial benefits for businesses. As the business and communications landscape continue to evolve in our hybrid workplaces, innovative solutions like these empower companies to adapt, thrive and save money.

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