Smart LTE

Elevate your internet service
and your business with a
dependable failover solution.

SmartChoice recognizes that the need for a reliable
and redundant internet service has never been greater.

A product that you can rely on when your business needs it the most.

Smart LTE is an internet solution for businesses to have reliable and redundant connectivity on location. 

The solution can function as the primary connection for any business, it can also double as a failover solution for any existing SmartChoice service that provides redundancy for the existing services.

Provide the best for your business.

Smart LTE is an on-location solution that provides internet access to businesses that require a reliable and redundant internet connection. It is a solution that can adapt to each business’s requirements by working with the Meraki MX68CW or the customer’s provided Firewall.* 

Our solution can provide the tools needed to produce consistent results for a wide range of businesses and their customers in industries such as healthcare, retail, finance, and other mission-critical businesses.

*Depending on Firewall may need additional SmartChoice equipment.*




Remote area

The benefits of reliability.

Maximized redundancy, with no single point of failure. 

Ability to use more than one SIM for increased speed.

Public IPs: They can be used/assigned.

Enterprise-wide pooling. Share GB’s nationwide amongst your locations.

24x7x365 U.S-Based White Glove Service Support.

Manageable internet service with one single bill.

Looking to integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Notable University Implements Powerful Softphone Solution to Serve 16,000 Remote Students During COVID-19

Because of COVID-19, the university needed a solution that would allow them to handle a growing number of incoming calls for different departments.

With 16,000 students to serve and more than 3,000 employees, Smart Choice was ready to take on the challenge and rise to the feat.

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