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Secure Cloud Fax.

Keep your information safe and secure through our proprietary web portal to ensure the security of your company and your clients documents.

Portal Secure cloud Fax

Access the Secure Cloud Fax through the Omni User Portal

Easy to use web portal
that is safer than email.

Two-factor authentication security for your documents and portal.

Ability to drag and
drop documents.

Secure Cloud Fax is for sending sensitive client information in different industries.

Secure Cloud Fax is for sending sensitive client
information in different industries.


Law Firms
  • Send faxes using a TLS connection that is encrypted.
  • Use password protection to safeguard important information.
  • Quickly respond to important evidence.

HIPAA complaint

  • Simple and convenient for all employees in your firm to use.
  • Send and receive prescriptions that are urgent.
  • Ensure the security of patient information by using a TLS-encrypted connection.

Real-Estate Secured information

Real Estate
  • Share and receive contacts with ease.
  • Speed up transactions without using bulky hardware.
  • Receive faxes on the go.

Finance information

  • Easy transfers of stock and loan applications.
  • With useful notifications, never miss a fax.
  • View, print, and create personalized cover sheets for faxes.

How Secure Cloud Fax Works.

Through Smart Choice’s two-factor authentication and password-protected web portal, safely send and receive faxes via a TLS-encrypted connection. Once your fax server is set up, you can connect to our web portal and be sending faxes in minutes.

Avoid common area fax machine.

Get email


Easy document management.

Set up in minutes. No hardware required.

Send and receive fax documents from anywhere by using your smartphone, desktop, or tablet with ease.

Start Faxing Securely Today.

What Clients Are Saying

US IT Manager

“I wanted one company where I could call one number, and the company would immediately take care of it. I experienced multiple issues in the past, causing a lot of lost time and, more importantly, lost money”

IT and Network Infrastructure Manager

“We experienced zero disruption to our customer contact center while installing and transitioning to our new system. SmartChoice provided the perfect solution to meet our business needs”

Director of Telecommunications, Large Healthcare Enterprise

“The automated links via the SMS feature have been so successful in managing the inbound call volume that we’ve expanded the functionality and are looking into more options with SmartChoice”

Stephen Yap
IT department Senior Systems Administrator

“We were using Lumen for voice services over copper, which had become increasingly expensive and outdated”

Director of Information Technology

“SmartChoice always treats me like a platinum customer. The communication solution is awesome, and it’s paired with a fantastic troubleshooting set”

Facilities Manager

“I am accustomed to excuses and missed due dates, but SmartChoice did what they said they were going to do at an unbelievable price. With our new services, we can now bill back our clients at the push of a button”

Facilities Manager

“The customer service has been excellent, and we regret not coming on board sooner. We certainly recommend SmartChoice to our clients as well as the members of the NJALA (New Jersey Association of Legal Administrators)”

IT Infrastructure and Support Manager

“Our business spreads throughout the entire United States, and instead of reaching out to someone in Texas or North Carolina, we just needed to reach out to one vendor, SmartChoice”

Systems and Network Administrator

“We were already using SmartChoice for voice services and they have done a fantastic job and have an incredible track record. We were given a great timeline without being overcharged. The field engineers did an amazing job, and everything turned out exactly how we hoped it would. This is one of the best new additions to the company we have this year, and we are delighted to have this”

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