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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP): Hosted-PBX for business

Hosted-PBX services are ideal for companies who want to gain control of their voice and data networks—at a price they can afford. With cloud-based Hosted-PBX, you get all the advantages of an advanced call routing system without the burden of managing the system yourself. As a cloud system, the PBX resides offsite, saving you the expense of having to buy and upgrade telecom system hardware. Incoming calls are processed through your Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider and then sent to your company’s phone extensions or routed to the first available person in a department. With a cloud-based system, there are many advantages including: ease of use, scalability for a growing business, and business unification. Traditional PBXs are telephone systems that serve one organization at one location, reside on-premise, and are owned and maintained by the organization. Hosted-PBX technology has not only increased capabilities, but dropped the price of communication services to a point where practically any business can take full advantage of them.

Smart PBX | All-in-one solution

Hosted-PBX Features:

  • Individual Direct in Dial Numbers: Ability to bypass an auto attendant or receptionist and reach a user directly with their own, personal phone number.
  • Inbound and Outbound Caller ID: Call details appear on the phone when a call is placed or received.
  • Call Waiting/Transfer/Forwarding: Ability to transfer calls, receive calls while currently on the line, and set phone to ring to another device.
  • Custom on Hold Music: A caller on hold will hear user-created music on hold.
  • Voicemail to Email: Ability to receive voicemails to the user’s email address.
  • Missed Call Notification: Receive an email notification any time a phone call is missed.
  • Shared Call Line Appearance: Allows Reception/Administrators to identify what number/extension the caller is calling for.
  • Selective Inbound Call Block: Ability to block a specific number from calling your company.
  • Speed Dial: Set up personal speed dials from each phone.
  • System Operation Times: Allows you to turn your system operation times on and off.
  • Fax to Email: Send and receive faxes directly to email as an attachment.
  • Web Receptionist: The ability to view current phone users, voicemails, and transfer calls via a web client.
  • PIN Codes: Ability to create enterprise-wide PIN codes to make outgoing calls.
  • Call Park: The ability to put a call on hold from one telephone and continue the conversation from any other telephone from any location in the world.
  • Intercom: Two-way audio communication via intercom.
  • Disaster Recovery: Guaranteed method to ensure you never lose service during an outage or natural disaster.
  • Busy Light Fields: The ability to recognize whether an extension is in use or not. The extension will light up, and allow an Admin or Executive user to monitor and answer that extension.
  • Softphone: A softphone application that installs on your desktop, iPad and/or cell phone that mirrors your business phone
  • Web Admin/User Portal: Administer your phone or system through an online portal.
  • Paging: The ability to communicate one-way announcements to other parties.
  • Advanced Paging: Communicate announcements to other parties via external IP speakers.
  • Call Recording: Record and store phone calls.
  • Outlook Integration: Make calls directly from Outlook.
  • Call Reporting Logs: Ability to review call activity in real time, as well as pull a CSV file.
  • Unlimited Virtual Extensions: Create unlimited extensions with the ability to customize each extension differently.
  • Call Queues: Allows multiple calls to be placed in a queue and answered by the next available operator.
  • Advanced Call Queue Analytics: The ability to record and report call queue data for every employee logged in while tracking daily traffic and wait in-between calls.
  • Web Receptionist: The ability to view current phone users, voicemails, and transfer calls via a web client.
  • Customized API’s: Create and design custom interfaces geared specifically to your company’s preferences.
  • Bulk SMS: Send private and secure communication to employees and customers via Omni WEB Portal.
  • Unlimited Auto Attendants: A pre-recorded response allows callers to press a key and be routed to the associated destination.
  • Conference Bridge Center: Create a branded, customizable call center to organize a conference call at any time with many participants, using a dial-in number and PIN code.
  • Outbound eFax: Send faxes from your desktop or mobile device email.
  • Desktop Video Conferencing: Connect to video-conferencing bridges and participate in video conferences from your desk phone.

When discussing Hosted-PBX, financial savings is normally the principal advantage mentioned, although, Hosted services have a lot of advantages, specifically low up-front expenses and predictable billing. The ability for institutions to save on both initial capital expenditures and ongoing operating expenses makes Hosted VoIP shine. If you hire more staff, the monthly cost will go up by a fixed amount as voice charges are calculated per telephone, or seat. A company comprising of 20 hosted seats will cost the business 20 times the seat fee. The VoIP provider is responsible for maintenance, configuration, installation, and upgrades of the Hosted-PBX. An increasing number of small to large enterprises are evaluating and executing Hosted VoIP as a method to increase worker productivity and lower significant voice costs. Technology has made it possible for small businesses to obtain these new voice functions that were previously only available to larger ones. In the digital age that we live in today, it could be the right time to evaluate your company’s voice needs and see how the Hosted-PBX, and all its features, can boost your business productivity while saving money.

Voice Over Internet Protocol - Hosted PBX