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Is Your Provider Decommissioning Their Copper Lines?

The telecommunications landscape is undergoing a significant transformation as businesses phase out traditional copper lines in favor of more advanced solutions like Enhanced Plain Old Telephone Service (EPOTS) and Softphones.

The Obsolescence of Copper Lines

Copper line technology, once the backbone of business communication, is becoming increasingly outdated. High maintenance costs, limited functionality and service provider forced upgrades are prompting businesses to seek better alternatives.

The Emergence of EPOTS and Softphones

EPOTS represents an evolution in traditional phone systems, but it’s Softphone technology that is truly revolutionizing business communications. A Softphone, essentially a software-based phone, offers flexibility and a range of features that traditional systems can’t match.

The Benefits of Softphones

Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional systems, Softphones reduce costs significantly, as seen in the case of uniQure, which experienced a 30% reduction in communication expenses.

Flexibility and Mobility: Softphones allow employees to make and receive calls from anywhere, supporting the growing trend of hybrid work.

Advanced Features: Features like voicemail-to-email, call forwarding, and seamless integration with other business tools enhance productivity.

Scalability: Softphones easily adapt to a business’s changing needs.

The uniQure Case Study

UniQure’s transition from a legacy phone system to Softphones is a prime example of this shift. Faced with an outdated system and high costs, they partnered with SmartChoice and telecom implementation company Abadi Group for a solution integrating Microsoft Teams, resulting in significant handset reduction and cost savings.

The transition to Softphones involves careful planning and consideration of potential challenges. For uniQure, this meant eliminating redundant hardware and ensuring a smooth changeover to avoid disrupting operations.

UniQure’s experience highlighted the importance of a tailored approach. The switch to SmartChoice UCaaS plus Microsoft Teams not only streamlined their communication but also aligned with their hybrid work model, showcasing the versatility of Softphones.


The shift from copper lines to Softphones marks an improved era in business communications. UniQure’s story illustrates the significant benefits of this transition, including cost savings, enhanced flexibility, and more operational efficiency. As businesses continue to evolve, adopting Softphone technology is increasingly becoming the smart choice for future-proof communication.

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