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Case Study:

How A Healthcare Company Upgraded Their Phone System to Improve Patient Service, Save Money and Stay HIPAA Compliant.


US Eye is a multi-specialty eye care practice with a mission to become the country’s most admired brand in eye care


Based in Florida with 60+ partner locations across Florida and Southeast US


  • Improved voice reliability
  • Security measures for patient confidentiality
  • Remote monitoring of multiple locations


  • Upgrade Network Infrastructure while keeping HIPAA compliance
  • Integrated the phone system of each location into a UCaaS Solution
  • Monitor locations through Smart Tile

Key Takeaways:

SmartChoice provided a comprehensive solution with a 60 days deployment, including training, at 60+ locations
  • Improvement of network with fail-over system to keep voice communication uptime
  • Secure and regulated privacy of patient data

Initial Challenge:

Improving Reliability in Communications

US Eye, a well known healthcare solution provider headquartered in Florida, faced the challenge of addressing recurrent voice system downtimes across their extensive network of over 60 partner locations. Their primary objective was to enhance the dependability of their communication infrastructure, ultimately elevating the quality of care delivered to their patients.

In a collaborative effort with SmartChoice and Managed Service Provider (MSP) Kathleen Goldman, Chris Diguette, the Chief Information Officer of US Eye, orchestrated an upgrade. This initiative involved the seamless integration of and training on the SmartChoice unified communications system coupled with the implementation of the Smart Tile network tracking and analysis software across all 64 sites.

This approach yielded significant results. By leveraging the capabilities of Smart Tile, the implementation team was able to systematically pinpoint and resolve critical network-related challenges that had been undermining the stability of their voice system.

Consequently, the collaborative efforts between US Eye and its partners brought about transformative outcomes. The tangible enhancements encompassed improved system uptime, bolstered reliability, and most importantly, a substantially enhanced patient experience. The culmination of these advancements further solidified US Eye’s commitment to delivering unparalleled healthcare services.

“SmartChoice’s solutions, combined with their Smart Tile network analytics, helped us find and fix problems with our network and communications systems that we couldn’t see before. Our partnership and their implementation was key to turning things around and improving our system significantly.”

– Chris Diguette, Chief Information Officer of US Eye

The Smart Solution:

Solving Phone Outages and Remaining HIPAA Compliant

US Eye faced a common challenge in managing call center operations efficiently while adhering to strict HIPAA compliance regulations. With increasing call volumes and the need for a secure and organized system, they sought a solution to enhance their patient interaction processes.


HIPAA-Compliant Smart Network Means Optimized efficiencies

By implementing SmartChoice’s advanced network solution, US Eye gained a HIPAA-compliant call center infrastructure that ensured patient data security while enabling seamless communication.

Optimized Efficiency

Through SmartChoice’s innovative holistic network approach powered by their Smart Tile software solution, US Eye achieved remarkable improvements in call center efficiency. Response times were reduced, and patient inquiries were directed to the right departments swiftly, contributing to overall operational excellence.

“SmartChoice allowed us to work with staff in real-time as we ported into the SC environment.  SC met with each practice weekly to support the lift onto the new platform.  For me, as their managed Service Provider, having support in real time was instrumental in the success and safety of a migration of this size with SC staff readily available 24X7 as needed.”

– Kathleen Goldman, KMGTELE

Challenge 2:

Manpower Optimization

To enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs, US Eye aimed to eliminate redundancy in their call center workforce while achieving optimal service quality.

Data-Driven Insights

Leveraging the Smart Tile analytics which they were able to automatically import into their Microsoft BI software, US Eye gained valuable insights into call patterns and customer behaviors. This data-driven approach allowed them to strategically optimize their call center staff, ensuring the right resources were allocated to match demand.

Cutting Costs and Enhancing Service

With the aid of the data insights, US Eye achieved an impressive reduction in telecommunications expenses without compromising on service quality. This cost-saving measure enabled them to consolidate their telecom spend to a single vendor where before they had over 30 different vendors.

Products and Features


US Eye’s success story isn’t just about adopting a network solution – it’s about embracing innovation to redefine their operations. Together, we were able to leverage the power of a seamless network system that drives efficiency and elevates client experience – all while reducing their overall month to month costs.

“Our pursuit of excellence led us to SmartChoice and their innovative solutions. The numbers speak for themselves – downtimes drastically reduced, operational efficiency heightened, and patient interactions seamlessly facilitated. This journey underscores the indispensable role of cutting-edge technology with a holistic approach in modern healthcare communications.”

– Chris Diguette, Chief Information Officer of US Eye