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The Doctor Will See You (Right) Now

The Doctor Will See You (Right) Now

Getting sick can be complicated. Your body suffers from uncomfortable symptoms while you spend valuable time going to the doctor and trying to feel better, instead of going to work and making money. Fortunately, today’s telemedicine solutions can make the whole process easier.

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What is Telemedicine?


Telemedicine — a term that combines the words “telecommunications” and “medicine” — uses modern communication technologies to create a remote virtual appointment between doctors and patients. Instead of having to visit a care facility, you can use phone calls, video calls, email, and even text messages to get in touch with healthcare professionals. Once assigned a doctor, patients can discuss personal and family member symptoms, and receive a diagnosis or a prescription. By using the telephones and computers you already use at home or work, you’re better able to stick to your usual routine, and spend less time at the doctor’s office.


Appointments Anywhere


When you’re sick or in pain, feeling weak can make it hard to get to your workplace. Missing work may mean missing out on your revenue and important projects, and can even jeopardize your employment if your health gets worse. Virtual visits through calls or written messages let you share the same health and history information you might share at a doctor’s office or walk-in clinic, without having to be there in person. If you’re at home, this gives you easy access to information that will let you rest up and recover. If you’re at work, the lunch break you might spend rushing back and forth can instead be spent talking to or emailing with an experienced professional that will help you on your way to a full recovery.


Get Healthy at Home


Traveling to the doctor can strain older patients, while missing school can make little ones fall behind. Remote appointments can help out when you’re looking after family and children. Calling and messaging with doctors allows you to stay by your loved ones’ side as they relax, instead of adding stress by getting them out of the house. Physical symptoms that can be shown over video calling can help doctors make a decision on treatment. Once healthcare professionals understand the condition, they can write out any necessary prescriptions so that you can make a quick trip to the pharmacy. Your family can gain symptom relief and your children can get back to school faster.


Time is Money


Since healthcare can get costly, it’s just as important to save money while you save time. According to the Wall Street Journal, urgent care walk-in facilities cost an average of $160, while virtual “visits” that involve a similar health evaluation cost around $45. Paying less for virtual doctor means one less thing to worry about—especially if you might miss work.


Phone it In


The consistent access that modern telecommunications provide for the telemedicine field means the days of waiting for the doctor to be in are over. In today’s healthcare world, you won’t have to use your phone just to call in sick— you can use it to start feeling better.