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Telecom Dashboard for Monitoring Network Performance

Smart Tile

For telecom providers, maintaining a high quality of experience is critical in minimizing the risk of customer churn in saturated markets. While many believe that range of coverage offered is the number one concern for potential buyers, the ability to see key performance indicators and read trends can often be the difference maker.

In order to quickly alleviate any network performance issues, network operators need to monitor services, as well as analyze detailed visualizations of the quality of customer experience and the underlying quality of network performance.

Smart Tile is the protective guardian and watchful eye of voice and data networks. It proactively monitors, maintains and troubleshoots the integrated data circuits and Smart Tile helps with efficiencies within IT departments. This provides varying industries with reliable voice solutions, data protection, and software for network security.

Network Preformance

It’s important to have a clear dashboard that will allow users to monitor networks to quickly identify problems and outages.

Dashboards are provided to monitor KPI metrics in near-real time for offered services. These dashboards offer a high-level view of status levels and the coverage reflects the established, various service offerings. Each dashboard includes a drill down option to view the underlying metrics and performance status for supported services. The details behind the service-level performance indicators can be viewed. KPI metrics, such as a blocked or dropped call for voice services can be plotted over time.

Customer Satisfaction

Quickly resolving issues is one way to keep customers happy. By analyzing customer support tickets and wait times, providers can optimize call centers and help desk operations to increase average revenue per user. By monitoring service performance from a customer’s experience perspective, telecom providers can swiftly react to emerging network issues thereby reducing the likelihood of churn.

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