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Smart E-POTS

Bring your phone system into the 21st Century. We’ll show you how.

Smart Choice can advise you in finding a suitable replacement for your Plain Old Telephone Service or POTS, a technology that has been in use since the early 20th century. SCC’s Smart Enhanced POTS (E-POTS) offers several functions that businesses want, such as Voicemail, Call Waiting, Speed Dialing, and 3-Way Calling.

We will begin by discussing your present and future telecom needs, such as a company relocation, hiring (or downsizing) staff, number of telecommuters and business travelers, as well as your current phone system hardware. We’ll gladly come to your premises to conduct a no cost, no obligation site analysis and an audit of your recent phone bills to determine your needs and areas to increase savings.

Armed with this information, we’ll then develop a customized telecom solution for all your voice, data, and video needs. Our own Smart Choice technicians will handle all pre-planning, installation, and testing to ensure your new system is functioning smoothly from day one. Ongoing technical support will be available nationwide. Our Account Manager will conduct employee training sessions on your premises, and follow up with you regularly to ensure your complete satisfaction with our service.


  • Tailored To Your Needs – We will customize a telecom solution to your specific budget and requirements.
  • Advanced Functionality – Take advantage of the most recent telecom features and innovations.
  • Consultative Approach – A Smart Choice Account Manager will personally guide you through the replacement process.
  • Seamless Transition – Our own skilled technicians will handle all implementation details, so you can focus on your business.


  • Call-forward on the fly
  • Create simultaneous ring groups to multiple offices and locations
  • Easily expandable
  • Nationwide portability
  • Inbound Disaster Recovery

… And Many More!

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