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Smart Network

Smart MPLS/IP VPN Service

Smart MPLS/IP VPN Service enables customers to have voice, video, data, and/or dedicated Internet on a single circuit. Backup options range from 4G and satellite to copper and cable connections. Global connectivity is available as it is used in about 500 markets and more than 45 countries across North America, Latin American, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Smart MPLS/IP VPN Service does have advanced capabilities, such as IPv6, Multicast or multiple VPNs on a single port to provide convenient administration as well as fast and easy implementation. Other advantages include End-to-End Service Level Guarantees as well as add on Application Performance Management (APM) for enhanced reporting, which in turn provides key performance metrics for data delivery, latency and jitter.

Smart MPLS/IP VPN Service can easily be bundled with other SCC Smart Services™ to build a full Managed Network along with Security Services. The turnkey management of the services improve overall cost and operational efficiencies. Contact us to learn more about these services.


The performance for applications like email, video conference and other internal applications will be far superior on a MPLS network since everything is connecting together over a private transport to the other locations in the network. Smart Choice Communications offers MPLS so clients can have access to superior WAN services.