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Video Surveillance


In today’s world, you need to ensure your property and assets are protected. Smart Choice knows how important security is to the wellbeing of your organization, and provides the tools to ensure you are safe. With our advanced and intelligent Smart Video Surveillance service, you can stay tuned in to current activity–even when you’re away. You can choose from numerous options of High Definition cameras, allowing you to monitor your premises, examine past events and stay protected at all times.

Smart Video

– Wide Range of Surveillance Camera Options to Fit Any Organization’s Needs –

High Definition Video On Any Device
View recorded or real-time live video in HD quality from any web browser, smartphone or tablet.

Use Your Existing Cameras
Our advanced system allows you to use your existing cameras so you can experience the benefits of Smart Video Surveillance without having to buy new equipment.

Smart Video Analytics
SCC’s self-learning technology uses pattern-based algorithms to analyze movements and characteristics to provide preventative protection of your organization.

Instant Notifications
SCC’s intelligent detection and analytics tools are designed to detect movement, breaches, unauthorized access and more. You can program the system to alert you of any unusual activity.

Search Instantly and Easily
SCC’s software detects distinct periods of activity and records them for reference. You can also conveniently search for any recordings based on time of interest.

Proactive System Monitoring
We proactively monitor the system to detect and repair any issues pertaining to network connectivity, video quality loss, equipment damage or camera tampering.

Outdoor Camera Options
Utilize the power of video surveillance outdoors with vandal-resistant camera options to protect your assets from the outside and detect threats immediately.

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