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October FOTM: RFID Smart Tags

October’s Feature Of The Month: Smart Tags

Smart Tags are RFID epoxy tags constructed for optimal performance, featuring a unique chip that adds another level of authentication. The device has a smooth surface, which may be imprinted with customized artwork to better suit personal business needs. Smart Tags can tolerate repeated exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and mechanical force, making them ideal for any situation. SCC’s 125kHz low frequency proximity credentials utilize the market’s most popular proximity card standards and can be encoded in numerous Wiegand Data Formats, which provides the added security of a card numbers never being duplicated. The read range is dependent on the installation environment and the reader.

With one look at traditional access control platforms, it’s easy to see the simplicity, ­ flexibility and cost savings that make every SCC Access Control solution an ideal security decision. Keyless entry, known in the industry as access control, is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase security. In addition to protecting against burglars, businesses need to protect their physical location, intellectual property and employees. Access control systems by SCC allow businesses to reduce workplace violence, track and restrict people in the building, and drastically reduce the risk of theft and external threats. Any pattern can be customized. According to the different requirements of customers, they can produce all kinds of business logos, colorful and vivid images, which is an ideal choice for various companies’ promotional activities.


  • Durable – resists moisture, oils, petroleum; tolerates mechanical vibration and shock
  • Thermally stable – withstands exposure to temperatures from -40° F to 360° F (-40° to 160° C)
  • Surface printable – enables tags scannable by both RFID and visual ID readers

Epoxy Tag units are resistant to fuels, mineral oils, petroleum and salt mist. They repel moisture in high-temperature and high-pressure washes. Each micro thin Epoxy Tag device has a smooth surface, which may be imprinted with customized visual codes or artwork. Epoxy Tag transponders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and may be adhered with glue, secured with screws, or embedded in a custom housing, depending on the application.

The “RF” in RFID stands for “radio frequency.” RFID technology has application in several areas such as: identification of personnel, access-based security systems, parking facilities including gate control, and tracking of consumer goods. The most common use of RFID is in access control management system for personnel. RFID tags are the centerpiece of any RFID system. RFID tags can be offered in different sizes, frequencies and can be affixed to a variety of surfaces, including metal. They store the item data essential to any RFID tagging system. While integrated chips are relatively delicate, they can be housed in materials to protect them under even the harshest conditions. Smart tags used in industrial settings must perform despite repeated exposure to extreme heat or cold, physical impact, vibration, moisture and chemicals. The condition the tags will be exposed to when deployed in your business must be brought into consideration.

Smart Tags


Several specialists travel every which way to and from a active building site in New York City every day, from at least twelve diverse contracting organizations. Overseeing which people are at which areas, and when, has customarily included manual head counts or bar-code scans.


An active RFID system, provided by Smart Choice Communications enables the company to track the locations of 140 workers on its site at any given time, to ensure that they are authorized to be there, are not in harm’s way and are working where they should be. Smart Tags automates the identification of individuals and the companies they work for as they move around its work sites and tracks workers’ activity and reduces the risk that anyone is injured.