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Records and Information Management

National Records and Information Management day is celebrated each year in April and is a great time to conduct a spring cleaning of your records. This month, we’re sharing best practices with Smart Tile to ensure your information is secure, compliant and easy to find all year long. Smart Tile was developed to promote information management and to emphasize the importance of having organized records. Records are very important, so keeping them organized and in a secure place should always be on your priority list. They can help support decision making processes by showing what has worked and what hasn’t in the past.

Each tile can be programmed to feature local and international spaces to give users a comprehensive, worldwide landscape of their company. This platform can also cater to the individual workings of any business and integrate additional feeds and IoT devices to produce an optimized, streamlined display. Managers can access a database of all call logs and analyze their team’s workload, understand calling schedules, and observe performance stats from employees with the information stored within Smart Tile.

Reports and dashboards in Smart Tile provide real-time visibility into resources, status, and performance, so you can rapidly align operations with strategy.
Always keep in mind how critical it is to effectively manage your records and information. Your organization’s welfare depends on it!

  • Smart Data Analytics
    View Up/Down status of each host
  • Smart Video
    Detailed alarm activation reports
  • Smart Access
    Comprehensive card access reports
  • Smart Voice Analytics
    Track call volume and history
  • Smart Voice Stats
    Interactive call log history graphs
  • Queue Stats
    Manage answered and unanswered call percentages and call data
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