SmartChoice offers custom tailored security

SmartChoice a leading technology provider, today announced that Kabbage, Inc. is staying protected and secure with the help of a customized security solution. Utilizing an access control security solution, SmartChoice’ unique platform hard and software components is compatible with any type of door.

“We wanted to allow people access to physical spaces without compromising security,” said Basil Stepanov, CTO of SmartChoice. “With our services a key card, RFID readers, or a simple-to-use phone app may grant the user access to a classified area.”

Kabbage, Inc. was expanding to a New York City location and wanted better protection than their current legacy system in their Atlanta, Georgia office. SmartChoice is defining the future of the security industry through groundbreaking, end-to-end solutions. Delivering the world’s best technology, SmartChoice provides access control and video analytics products that consistently outperform the competition. Any security solution they approved would have to be scalable and versatile.

SmartChoice installed a security solution and the benefits of the implemented solution have been substantial. SmartChoice’ systems engineers designed and provided an infrastructure solution that was customized specifically for Kabbage, Inc. business needs, including low voltage cabling to each door. The new location is split between two floors, allowing for a stairwell access point on each floor, in addition to the main, back, and side doors. The card readers have a Bluetooth option and motion sensors were installed, which was a huge improvement. For further protection and security of the workplace, a camera was positioned at the entrance to see who comes and goes. Kabbage, Inc. was extremely pleased with the professionalism of SmartChoice’ service engineer’s work and the access control system they were provided with, and wants to upgrade their office in Atlanta, Georgia.

About SmartChoice

SmartChoice acts as a single point of contact for all of your telecommunications needs. We pride ourselves on providing personalized, cost-effective solutions customized specifically for each of our clients.  SmartChoice provides a single source, end to end solution for your voice, data and security networks – from design, installation and implementation to management and 24×7 support.  One Provider, One Bill, One Smart Cloud Solution.

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