How To Make Your Future Office Space the Best One Yet

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There is no secret recipe for the perfect future office space, but there are a few ways to make your office environment dynamic, enjoyable, and add to your team’s productivity.

Your work environment plays a significant role in the output that your team produces. While there is no doubt that many individuals prefer the remote work model, well-designed working spaces help attract and retain talent.  If done correctly, effective office designs can also promote collaboration and ultimately enhance company culture.

Make Your Team Your Number One Priority

First things first, your team is what makes your company’s operations a well-oiled machine. By placing company culture at the epicenter of your organization, team members can collaborate without fear and judgment, leading to bigger chances for innovation and growth.

According to the Mckinsey Global Company study, employee productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees, and team members who are engaged are 27% more likely to report “excellent” performance. Great leaders value the importance of emotional intelligence and can bring out the best in their team when leveraged.

If your enterprise adopted the remote work model, here are seven ways to give your team the tools to improve their remote workspace. Keep your team connected through collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and have a managed services provider ensure your company’s network is secure and supported. Better yet, find out how you can build a strong team, regardless of location, in 2021.

Incorporate Spaces for Focus

In the ideal future office, focus rooms give employees a place to retreat when they need to think and get work done. Based on a U.S. workplace survey, the right amenities are crucial in a choice-based workplace experience. Workspaces that provide variety and encourage in-office mobility have higher effectiveness and experience scores.

If your office has an open plan concept, you can incorporate focus hours. Focus hours are periods of time where your team is encouraged or mandated to work without interrupting each other. This method allows team members to mutually understand that collaboration can be scheduled at any time except for a specific hour or two, leading to higher efficiency and undisturbed, focused work.

Leverage the Power of High-Quality Technology

People can work from anywhere as long as they have the right tools to do so. Communication is key for enterprises that will continue to adopt the remote work or hybrid model, and team leaders need to equip their employees to do so.

While collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams are vital, the technology for your post-pandemic physical space will play a large role in achieving strategic objectives. By raising your technology level, you can ensure organizational security and ensure client services, policies, and procedures are being met.

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