Four Things You’ll Need for Your Next Office Move

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There are many things to consider when planning an office move. As employees switch between multiple locations, it’s vital to supply them with the right space and tools to get work done, while having the proper equipment to enhance your team’s overall productivity.  Here’s what you will need:

Internet Service

High-speed internet access is one of the most critical components to a successful organization.  As employees work from different locations, there is a bigger need to spend more time in meetings and keep up with multiple communication channels.

Incorporating additional wireless access points and buying more bandwidth allows your internet to perform at a faster pace.  Most businesses have networked their computers for one office, but as your company grows, so does the need for enterprise-wide networks that help connect enterprises with multiple locations.

With every move, it is an opportunity to upgrade the speed and capacity of a company’s internet access, and most challenges can be solved by planning ahead of time and working with a trusted technology provider such as Smart Choice.

Phone Service

Ensuring that your business communications system is up to par means that your team is fully equipped with modern tools to efficiently serve your customers.  While many business leaders may argue that ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,’ having a cloud-powered phone system makes all the difference, especially when your managers can track activity and oversee call data and analytics.

A unified communications system delivers a host of practical yet robust features, improved call-quality, call control and routing, and the ability to integrate with other software applications based on the needs of your business.

Additionally, cloud-powered VoIP allows your team members to take their work to any location.  For example, simultaneous ring enables both your mobile phone and desk phone to ring at the same time or can direct calls to another person when you’re out of the office.

If you’re looking to integrate your existing solution with Microsoft Teams, you can do so without the need to forklift your entire system.  It doesn’t require upgrading your existing infrastructure and gives you the freedom to leverage modern calling features.

Modern Security System

One of the most important things to consider when running a business is the safety of your employees and your customer’s confidential information.  As you decide whether to renew your contract or choose another security provider, you’ll need an efficient solution that will allow you to oversee and secure your premises from any location.

Smart Choice’s security solution powered by Verkada enables business leaders and technology operators to scale security performance and simplify management by equipping you with state-of-the-art video surveillance, access control, alarms, and sensors. What differentiates it from other providers is its ability to store footage in its devices as opposed to a separate database, resulting to faster loading time, a decrease in use of bandwidth, and better features so you can identify individuals, objects, and occurrences.

Hardware and Equipment

While many leaders to this date tend to take this for granted, supporting teams through an adequate workspace is essential to being productive.  By giving your team the proper materials to get work done, they can thrive at a quicker pace.

Checking which monitor better suits that team member’s role, incorporating standing desks, and investing in ergonomic chairs helps employees who stay in one position for long periods of time work efficiently.

SmartChoice is a technology company based out of New York City with a unique portfolio of solutions including UCAAS, collaboration, software and analytics, dedicated contact centers, security, infrastructure, and managed connectivity. Through its unsurpassed white-glove service and 24x7x365 U.S. based support, it has grown to become one of the largest award-winning PBX/SIP providers in North America.

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