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Smart Fax is your solution to saving time and money while keeping your business “green” friendly. Smart Choice resourcefully found a way to neatly manage all of your documents solely online, providing ease and convenience.


Traditional fax machines require space in the office and excessive use of ink and paper. Fax machines also pose the risk of an expensive replacement or repair…

Smart Fax’s technology allows faxes to be viewed and edited anywhere, on any device, if there is internet access. With the ability to fax through email your business can easily keep track and store documents properly. With Smart Fax, you can save time, money and paper by sending and receiving faxes via email. Imagine the convenience of not having to walk to your office fax machine every time you receive a document. Smart Fax also saves you the hassle of printing and keeping track of all the paper you receive with traditional faxing.


Easily send and receive receipts, signatures, and other company documents online to any store location. Many retailers have switched to strictly e-commerce which would make online faxing incredibly useful.


Transfer medical records and financial statements securely to and from customers or between facilities.


Receive proof and notification of delivery of client-based documents and other files related to cases. Incoming faxes received are all in PDF to easily place them into a client folder. Outgoing faxes can be in a variety of formats to reduce time wasted converting.

Sending a paperless fax is as simple as attaching a document to an email. Smart Fax is easy to use and will free more of your company’s time. Additionally, Smart Fax lets you send faxes to your contacts while on the go and stay connected with your clients or employees all over the world!

Smart Choice Communications is a technology company based out of New York City that provides an unsurpassable level of expertise and support with a unique portfolio of solutions, including UCAAS, collaboration services, dedicated contact center, managed security, infrastructure, and software and analytics. It has grown to become one of the largest Hosted PBX/SIP providers in North America and has won numerous awards for its advanced platform and proprietary network that delivers flexible, cost-effective services and facilitates enterprise-grade quality and reliability.