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The all-in-one communication solution in the palm of your hand.

Unified Communications as a Service.

Business Cloud Solution.

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Choose the handset that fits your specific needs through SCC’s Phone Catalog or go phoneless.

Use your business number on your mobile device or desktop app with SCC’s Softphone Application.

Customize the set up of your company’s PBX system, all with a click of a button on your Omnivoice Portal.

View your call volume and activity through interactive charts with Smart Analytics.

Our team of experts work to customize your solution.

See our award-winning features below.

Create and design custom interfaces geared specifically to your company’s preferences.

A pre-recorded response allows callers to press a key and be routed to the associated destination.

Listen to important calls in private, or join in to speak with internal and external callers.

Add or modify a large number of users or a large number of phones/device profiles.

The ability to recognize whether an extension is in use or not. The extension will light up, and allow an Admin or Executive user to monitor and answer that extension.

Set your office phone to ring to another device. This can be configured through a phone or a web portal.

The ability to put a call on hold from one telephone and continue the conversation from any other telephone from any location in the world.

The ability to record and report call queue data for every employee logged in while tracking daily traffic and wait-time between calls.

The ability to record and report call queue data for every employee logged in while tracking daily traffic and wait-time between calls.

Record and store phone calls up to 2GB.

The ability to review call activity in real-time and place report in a CSV file.

A feature that pre-screens a caller by asking for their name/message before connecting both parties with one another.  The receiver then has the ability to choose whether to be connected with the caller or send them to voicemail.

Allows a call receiver to control whether an incoming caller should wait, is to be transferred, or forwarded to another person when on another line.

Allows an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to route calls intelligently.

The ability to create a branded and customizable call center to organize a conference call with many participants, using a dial-in number and PIN code at any time.

The ability to seamlessly integrate your business phone solution with customer relationship management software such as Zendesk, Oracle, ZOHO, Office, Salesforce, Fresh Sales, and Redtail.

The ability to have a caller on hold to hear a user-created message.

The ability to have personal and corporate directories programmed on a phone.

Ability to have personal and corporate directories programmed on phone.

A guaranteed method to ensure you never lose service during an outage or natural disaster.

Allows a user to configure different ring tones for different callers/departments.

Allows a user to set their phone status to ‘unavailable’ which will allow calls to be directly sent to a voicemail without ringing their extension.

The ability to use your computer mouse or fingers to easily answer, hang up, and transfer calls within your network.

A browser-based plugin that allows a user to click a phone number in a browser and have the number dialed directly from the user’s phone.

The ability to customize inbound/outbound caller ID with a specific phone number and area code.

The ability to send and receive faxes directly from an email as an attachment.

The ability to bypass an auto attendant or receptionist and reach a user directly with their personal number.

Two-way audio communication via intercom.

Allows a user to monitor a busy extension and automatically establish a call when the busy user on the other line becomes available.

Enables an automated computer system to interact with your customers over the telephone while prompting a computer system to interpret and understand verbal communication from human callers.

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a software protocol that enables users to locate organizations, individuals, and other resources such as files and devices in a network, whether on the public Internet or on a corporate intranet.

Allows a user to receive an email notification anytime a phone call is missed.

Create a pattern of digits that users can dial to make calls inside or outside your business.

Make calls directly from your Outlook window.

The ability to communicate one-way announcements to other parties.

Ability to create enterprise-wide PIN codes to make outgoing calls.

Ability to see which users/extensions are available, already on a call, or holding from user’s desk phone.

Allows an administrator to route incoming calls to multiple departments/extensions that are included in a Ring Group, where any member of the group can answer.

Provides instant hotline intercom between two phones.

The ability to block a specific number from calling your company.

Ring phones in a predetermined sequence until a user or voicemail picks up.

Allows receptionists or administrators the ability to identify the number or extension that the caller is calling from.

The ability to ring different phones simultaneously.

Allows a user to log in with a single ID and password in several related, yet independent, software systems.

The ability to send and receive text messages on your desktop computer or mobile device.

The ability to take your business number with you wherever you go.

The ability to set up personal speed dials from each phone.

The ability to integrate your business phone number with your Microsoft Teams account.

The ability to hold a conference with two people, for a total of three parties on the line.

A VoIP system that forwards inbound calls so that users can receive them on various devices.

Allows callers to request a call back from a busy user once a user is available.

Computer-generated voice prompts.

The ability to receive voicemails to the user’s email address.  Provides a text transcription of a voicemail in the body of an email, as well as an audio file as an attachment.

Allow voicemails to be transcribed into text that can be sent to a designated email address.

The ability to view current phone users, voicemails and transfer calls via a web client.

The ability to view current phone users, voicemails, and transfer calls via a web client.

The ability to administer your phone or system through an online portal.

A basic access control mechanism that allows you to manage different points of access.

Bring your communication together.

Award-Winning Hosted PBX


As a Cloud system, the PBX resides offsite, saving you the expense of having to buy and upgrade telecom system hardware. Incoming calls are processed through Smart Choice and then sent to your company’s phone extensions or routed to the first available person in a department.

Smart Hosted PBX can be run over fiber, broadband, T1 or bring your own bandwidth (BYOB). Choose from several service options to fit your business needs.

Create Channels – Designate your own channels for specific groups/projects. You can even set custom updates and alerts through the application to stay on top of what is happening in real time.

Direct Messaging – Start a 1-on-1 conversation or start a group chat channel to get your message across quickly. Includes video chat and screen sharing.

Flexible mobile application that puts your business communication in the palm of your hand. Using end-to-end encryption, you can engage in HD audio and video conversations securely over WiFi or your carrier network

  • Audio & HD Video Calls
  • Audio Call Merging
  • Contact Lists
  • Call History
  • Bluetooth Headset Support
  • Vision Accessibility
  • Call Quality Indicator
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Secure Communications: ZRTP, TLS, SRTP
  • low Bandwidth Mode For Audio Calls Over 2G

Need Phones?

Choose from a great selection of desktop and conference phones.

Turn your traditional PBX into a VoIP-Enabled PBX at virtually no cost!

Smart PRI (sPRI) lets you turn your traditional PBX System into a VoIP-enabled PBX at virtually no extra cost. This innovative technology allows simultaneous, integrated voice and data capabilities over standard existing telephone lines by creating a flexible, high-speed digital connection between a customer’s PBX and our switched telephone network.

sPRI can link together multiple PBX/voice systems across several geographic areas, creating both greater communication options and the added security of enhanced fail-over plan redundancy.


  • Call queuing (multiple calls placed in a queue and answered by the next available operator.
  • Simultaneous ring to cell phones.
  • Off site extensions available for purchase of SIP device from Smart Choice.
  • eFax inbound and outbound.
  • Calls can transfer to POTS or offsite location for failover.
  • Inbound Disaster Recovery.
  • Time of day routing for entire trunk group.
  • VOIP Softphones with simultaneous ring.
  • 4 digit dialing between all on-net offices.

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