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Ancillary Charges

TN MRC Gold Number $25 per Gold Number
TN MRC  Monthly recurring charges to be paid for each telephone number (DID / TN) $0.25
Non-Recurring Charges:  Non-Recurring Install Fee per new location Charge is dependent on the Monthly Revenue and Term Plan
LNP Non-Recurring Charges:  Standard NRC to be paid by customer for each telephone number ported to or from Smart Choice Communications LLC.  $8.00 per TN
Non-Recurring TN Disconnect Charge:  NRC to be paid by customer for each telephone number ported or canceled. $8.00 per TN
Non-Recurring Charges for Cancelled LNP Requests:  NRC to be paid by Customer for cancelled port requests. After a scheduled port is postponed three (3) times the scheduled port will cancel automatically and the fee applied.  $8.00 per TN
Expedited LNP Cancellations:      Cancellations within 48 hours of the Firm Order Commitment (FOC) Date will incur this per telephone number charge $250.00 per TN
Standard Circuit Installation Fee:  NRC to be paid by Customer for every circuit installed.  $500.00 plus any construction cost that may be incurred to bring service to the customer premise.
For all Customer Initiated Snapbacks: When a number ports to Smart Choice Communications and then needs to be moved back to losing carrier, TN snapback. $500.00 per TN
Emergency Call Forward: Per Telephone Number fee for Customer Initiated Emergency Call Forward. $150.00 for every three (3) days
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