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Ken Estes

Director of Implementation

[email protected]

Ken Estes is the Director of Implementation at SmartChoice (SmartChoice), where he leads global operations, engineering, product, and user experience. Ken is a critical component in SmartChoice’s product and services strategies which include strong and durable communication and collaboration solutions.

Ken is also responsible for external communications and relations strategy, as well as execution and implementation across the corporation, both domestic and international. Ken is keen on a high quality, unsurpassed user experience, ensuring SmartChoice’s reputation as a leading telecommunications product and services provider. He helped pioneer the company’s cloud and data center, security services, connected solutions, and collaboration and consulting programs.

Before joining SmartChoice in 2012, Ken served as Project Team Lead at Campbell Electric Construction, which is where he learned leadership, customer experience, and on-time project delivery skills.

Ken graduated from the University of Missouri with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He currently resides in Springfield, MO with his wife Melissa.