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Basil Stepanov

Chief Technology Officer

[email protected]

As Smart Choice Communication’s (SmartChoice) Chief Technology Officer, Basil Stepanov is responsible for advancing SmartChoice’s technology mission and strategic plan. He is responsible for leading SmartChoice’s team of engineers and technicians to develop and maintain product lines and communication services. Basil’s contributions include the development of key, global collaboration technologies. He also serves as a technical advisor and spokesperson for the organization. Earning his B.A. in Economics, with emphasis in Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2003, Basil was motivated to start immediately in the field of telecommunications.

Starting in 2003, during SmartChoice’s first few years of infancy, Basil would ultimately fulfill the roll of CTO. Basil has spent the past two decades in technology-focused roles at SmartChoice and their sister companies. In 2011, he took on an additional role at one of SmartChoice’s sister companies as the Director of Innovation at, a business looking to change the way individuals and groups communicate with each other. Working with the wonderful engineering team at SmartChoice, they have developed the award winning Smart PBX, Communications Solutions Product of the Year 2016, Smart Chat ++, Smart Tile, Smart Powered Lit Buildings, Smart Security, among many other technological breakthrough products that advance a full range of infrastructure design, internet solutions, and hosted voice service.

In 2012, Basil spearheaded the construction of the cutting-edge Missouri offices and network operations center. As SmartChoice grew, he composed an R&D team, back office technical support, and project managers to oversee operations at the second location. His vision is to create the next generation of enterprise communication features that allow businesses to communicate more efficiently.

Basil has devoted his career to help corporations that seek powerful communication tools, giving them the abilitiy to utilize customizable communication solutions with their coworkers and clients. Along with the company’s award-winning PBX services, Basil’s exceptional track record of technical improvement is based on his belief in commitment, quality, and diligence.