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Smart Recovery

What is Inbound Disaster Recovery?

IDR is a simple and very effective method for preventing your business from being negatively affected by phone issues.

This goal is accomplished by creating up a remote auto attendant that can be customized almost any way the customer can imagine. When an outage occurs, the customer’s carrier forwards inbound calls to this backup auto attendant


What is DTO?

  • DTO stands for Direct Trunk Overflow.
  • DTO allows the carrier to call-forward a customers phone numbers to any other number instantly and automatically in case of an equipment, power, or telephone line failure.
  • DTO is provided, in some shape or form, by all major carriers.

How Can IDR Help Me?

Every year millions of T1’s, PRI’s, POTS, and VoIP lines go down. This can be due to any combination of carrier, equipment, or power issues. End users with IDR do not have to fear an outage because the IDR system will ensure your customers/suppliers can always reach you.

What Features Does IDR Provide?

Simultaneous and
Sequential Ringing

You can set-up your “Smart Extensions” Call Forwarding phone numbers to ring simultaneously (all at the exact same time) or sequential in the order you choose. For example, incoming calls may be forwarded to your cell first, then to your office, and lastly to your home.

Create your organization’s virtual office with a customized, professionally recorded greeting that guides callers on how to connect to departments or individuals. Directory lookup is also available.

Toll-Free Number
Give your business the professionalism that a TOLL-FREE number provides. One dedicated company number with 24 hour availability. All extensions and voicemail boxes are accessible through this number.

“Smart Extensions” Call Forwarding
Our version of Find-Me/Follow-Me, each Smart Extension lets you forward your calls to up to 3 different numbers (i.e., office, home, cell), allowing you to work seamlessly from several locations.

Voicemail to Email
When you can’t be reached by phone, messages can be automatically converted into audio .wav files and forwarded as an attachment to an email address of your choosing.

Caller ID
The number of the person calling you is displayed on your phone, so you can easily decide if you want to accept the call or let it go to voicemail.

No Equipment Cost
Get rid of on-going PBX maintenance and administration tasks. No need to purchase any hardware or software.

24 x 7 x 365 Non-Stop Service
Our Receptionist service is a non-stop operation, in service 24 x 7 x 365 days a year. Our many telephone carrier customers demand non-stop operation and the highest reliability.

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Smart Recovery