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Smart PRI

Turn your Traditional PBX into a VoIP-Enabled PBX
at Virtually No Cost!

Smart PRI (sPRI) lets you turn your traditional PBX System into a VoIP-enabled PBX at virtually no extra cost. This innovative technology allows simultaneous, integrated voice and data capabilities over standard existing telephone lines by creating a flexible, high-speed digital connection between a customer’s PBX and our switched telephone network.

sPRI can link together multiple PBX/voice systems across several geographic areas, creating both greater communication options and the added security of enhanced fail-over plan redundancy.


  • Off site extensions available for purchase of SIP device from Smart Choice
  • Call queuing (multiple calls placed in a queue and answered by the next available operator)
  • Simultaneous ring to cell phones
  • Calls can transfer to POTS or offsite location for failover
  • Time of day routing for entire trunk group
  • eFax inbound and outbound
  • VOIP Softphones with simultaneous ring
  • 4 digit dialing between all on-net offices
  • Inbound Disaster Recovery

    … And Many More!

+ all other major manufacturers!


  • Maximize Network Efficiency – Connect existing voice, data, and video equipment to Smart Choice’s telephone network on the same switch.
  • Keep Your Current Phone Numbers – Simply “port” your existing numbers to the new trunks, saving you the cost and hassle of having to get new ones.
  • Keep Your Current Phone System – sPRI lets you use your existing PBX, so there’s no service disruption as your staff continues to use the system they’re familiar with.
  • Enhanced Functionality – Employees can use the same channel for multiple call types for greater network capacity—without dramatically increasing cost.
  • Improved Communication – Features such as extension dialing work seamlessly across the entire system for fast and accurate internal communication.
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