Smart Tile.

See your organization in real-time, through one pane of glass.

Smart Tile.

See your organization in real-time, through one pane of glass.

monitor your enterprise through one pane of glass

An all-in-one platform that allows you to integrate your existing
software and oversee your organization at the click of a button.

Quick— Tell Me Everything
That’s Going On In Your Company!

software that easily manage and monitor multiple locations

For faster access to the answers you need, it might be time to switch to an overview platform that instantly delivers your most essential business information, all in one place.

Choose the tiles you need for management and monitor

See Your Entire Organization,
Through One Pane Of Glass.

Smart Tile, referred to as a single pane view or a single pane of glass, is a management tool that integrates information from various sources across multiple applications into a single display.

Smart Tile Actively Monitors:

  • Bandwidth Monitoring.
  • Omnivoice Portal.
  • Unified Communications (UCAAS).
  • Firmware Security.
  • Card Access.
  • Host And Server Statuses.
  • Call Volume And History.
  • Alarm Activation Reports.
  • Network Security.
  • Smart Contact Center.
Any IoT Device and more!.

Smart Tile Actively Monitors:

  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Omnivoice Portal
  • Unified Communications (UCAAS)
  • Firmware Security
  • Card Access
  • Host And Server Statuses
  • Call Volume And History
  • Alarm Activation Reports
  • Network Security
  • Smart Contact Center
Any IoT Device and more!.

Key Performance Indicators Are Shown In Real-Time, In A Single-Pane View As A Unified Dashboard.

The key metrics are captured across many different sources to obtain a single panel view to assure, efficiency, simplicity, and scalability.

Smart Tile also provides unified management of all resources including wired, wireless, physical, and electronic security.

"Smart Tile greatly simplifies the process of searching your data. You can set up alerts to notify you when potential threats arise. With Smart Tile, you get all your data in one location."

Jarrett Wolfe
SmartChoice Partner
Monitor and Manage Your Network Live

Monitor and Manage Your Network Live, Wherever You Are.

Monitor the business enterprise network on the move from any location with an internet connection.

View your business call statistics on any device, network, or interface night or day.

Owners And Managers Can Gain Vital Company Data, View Their Monitoring Systems, And Make Swift Decisions.

Network Administrators can view:

  • Up/down Alerts
  • Average Millisecond Response
  • CPU Monitoring
  • Device Monitoring

Managers can access:

  • Call Logs
  • Call Schedules
  • Analyze Team’s Workload
  • Employee Performance Stats

tech support manages smart tile 24x7x365

Providing 24x7x365 U.S. Based
White Glove Support

A Specialized Team Capable of Monitoring All Your Business Aspects in Real-Time Will Give Results.

Our support network is exclusively based in the US, with operation centers based throughout the country to deliver timely, empathetic help whenever you need it.

Our support and customer success teams work side-by-side not just to help you resolve problems, but to do everything they can to contribute to your success.

Today, being able to instantly monitor your solutions are needed more than ever due to huge increases in infrastructure complexity, growth in cloud technology, and demands for a better user experience for digital business applications.

View multiple networks with geographical separation.

High degree of visibility and scalability.

Expose issues faster with multi-channel notification alert.

The Multiple Tiers of Smart Tile

Tier 1

Monitoring Services
  • Internet connections.
  • Up/Down time.
  • Omni call logs.
  • Existing diagrams upload.
  • Latency / Dropped packets.

Tier 2

Monitoring and Support

Everything included in Tier 1.

  • Advance Reporting SNMP.
  • Top talkers.
  • Utilization.
  • Fail-over/Back-up.
  • Level 1 Tech support.
  • Circuit over-utilization.

Tier 3

Advanced Monitoring, Support, and Custom Development

Everything included in Tier 1 and Tier 2

  • Custom development.
  • MAC Work on equipment.
  • Handling of 3rd party carriers.
  • Firmware and security patches.
  • Level 2 and Level 3 tech support.


**Ask your SmartChoice Rep about additional modules**

**Smart Choice Phone and internet solutions are sold separately.**

Giant Retail company monitors multiple locations with software

Leading Luxury Retail Giant Brings Together 500 Mono-Brand Stores Through Smart Tile Innovation.

This famous retail giant owns several of the world’s leading retail companies in the field of luxury goods, with specialties in jewelry, watches, and writing instruments.