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Choosing the Best Business Phone System Portal for Your Business

Phone system portal

With today’s distributed workforce, easily managing a team’s phone system portal will be a key factor to ensuring organizational success. With the growing number of business communication providers promising an endless number of features and add-ons through its fancy marketing that doesn’t end up working, business leaders have become inclined to stick to simple yet effective platforms that progress organizational goals and results without the fluff.

There is much to oversee when it comes to overseeing a business phone system through an admin portal. Administrators want access to real-time statistics and features they can depend on. Through Smart Choice’s Admin Portal, enterprise leaders can leverage the power of their internet-connected VoIP phone system and track team performance from a distance, whether team members are making calls from their desk phones or mobile devices.

To carry out daily tasks and responsibilities, employees should have the resources to interact with their customers seamlessly.  Your enterprise’s VoIP phone system should have an ample amount of features to work efficiently.  Your business phone system provider should also hold a record of 99.999% uptime and network redundancy to remove the possibility of failovers and protect your business operations.

While there are many options in choosing the best business phone system portal for your business, one that will truly benefit your enterprise needs depends on its call management features, ease of use, and the live reports it can render.

Here’s what to look for when choosing the best business phone system portal for your business:

Call traffic analytics

Call traffic encompasses the transmission of telephone calls over a provider’s network.  Aside from setting up and managing users in one place, the Smart Admin Portal enables you to see usage, call duration, and how many calls were placed and received within a specific day, time, or location.

If you’re monitoring an enterprise with multiple locations, you can also learn which locations have the highest call volume and which business lines receive the most attention.

Agent performance statistics

Without monitoring your agents’ interactions with your customers, you won’t be able to know whether they’re delivering a delightful customer experience.  Through agent monitoring, supervisors can listen in on calls as well as review on-screen and video interactions.

Whether it’s customer service or sales, tracking agent performance is vital when managing a modern call center. Smart Choice’s portal empowers leaders to see the number of users that are active and online, check who is receiving calls, conference calling, and more.  With that in mind, supervisors can create personalized coaching strategies to help agents perform their best work.

Advanced features to manage technology from a distance

Smart Choice’s Admin Portal enables managers to manage their communication system from one place, regardless of their location. Through our call routing feature, you can program calls to a specific number, set up auto attendants for each department, and most importantly, equip new employees with a new business phone number and softphone and allow them to make calls from their mobile phone.

If you’re looking to centralize your KPI’s in one place and ensure your team’s productivity is on the right track, Smart Choice’s business phone system could be the solution that fits your needs.

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