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Smart AI

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What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the newest business technology that detects, understands and completes human tasks to free up time for the everyday worker. AI can set up alerts, answer questions, and execute basic workplace functions that enable a business to grow and become more profitable.

How Does it Work?

AI has natural language processing, which makes it capable of interpreting what you speak or type. So, when asked a question, it can immediately determine what you are asking. Through algorithms and machine learning, AI then searches through multiple queries in an instant and delivers you the best answer in a matter of seconds. AI can also automate several other functions that provide powerful insights for your company via tracking patterns, customer purchasing trends, and other useful analytics.

What Specific Functions can AI
Carry Out?

AI can carry out a multitude of functions that provide information about products, company, CRM, and much more. Depending on your industry, AI can also answer a wide array of questions and respond to several demands. Some examples include:

  • How many vacation days do I have left this year?
  • How many plain white t-shirts do we have left in stock?
  • How much traffic have we had on our website this past week?
  • Who do I contact if my computer is not working?
  • Tell me where “Client X’s” office is located.
  • Are all the routers in my office operating?
  • Give me “Client X’s” financial report from last month.
  • Locate the file that I shared with Julia from last week.

The use of AI is imminent, and has rapidly become more relevant in the past few years. This is due to the increase that researchers have seen in productivity. AI has allowed employees to focus on their specialized skills, without having to carry out common, repetitive tasks that may slow down the workday. With more focus on what employees do best, revenues and profits have increased across all industries.

AI is the Future of Business.

Now Featuring Smart Bot

Smart Bot is flawlessly integrated within Smart Chat ++, and presents an opportunity for growth in revenue and profits for all industries.
Ask Smart Bot a question in a channel or direct message and instantly be provided with an answer. Tapping into multiple databases along with advanced algorithms provides you with the best answer possible, every time. From customer insights, to how many vacation days you have left, Smart Bot gives you the answers you need, whenever you need them.
Immediate answers provide employees more time to complete important projects and tasks, resulting in a more productive work environment.