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Why Smart Tile is the software your business need

Smart Tile Actively Monitors:

Smart Tile is the Software Your Business

One Pane Of Glass

Smart Tile, referred to as a single pane view or a single pane of glass, is a management tool that integrates information from various sources across multiple applications into a single display. A single pane view delivers management with visibility into key performance indicators viewed as a unified dashboard. This allows network administrators to benefit from single pane software because it provides them with improved visibility into devices, users, and statistics.

Key metrics must be captured across many different sources to obtain a single panel view to assure visibility, efficiency, simplicity, and scalability. A “one pane of glass” software provides visibility for the total management of network resources, services, and users throughout the entire business network. Smart Tile also provides unified management of all resources including wired, wireless, physical and electronic security.

Smart Tile covers everything from server support and monitoring to complete operating system management and consulting. The software allows businesses to gain extended insight into their network with enterprise-class network monitoring, alerting, and analysis. Smart Tile features customizable, programmed tiles to feature local and international spaces and display a comprehensive, worldwide landscape of the company. The open API platform gives the ability to integrate additional feeds and IoT devices to produce an optimized, streamlined, display to monitor each business aspect concurrently, to see which issues require immediate action, and which ones can be tended to later.

Today, monitoring solutions are needed more than ever due to huge increases in infrastructure complexity, growth in cloud technology, and demands for a better user experience for digital business applications. Smart Tile offers a high degree of visibility and scalability, helping solve problems that come with multiple networks and geographical separation. By allowing users to visualize multiple applications in one location, network management becomes simplified and that is why Smart Tile is the software your business needs.

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