Why Outbound Calls are tagged as SPAM.

spam phone calls

When making outbound calls, a destination can block your call or tag the incoming call with an ID saying “spam call” or “likely spam” or similar versions. 

Calls/numbers marked as spam occur on the destination carrier side making it difficult for Smart Choice Communication to have control over the designation or removal from their spam list. 

The reason why calls are being blocked or tagged as SPAM 

Robocalls and spam calls are a growing problem for everyone. This situation has become unavoidable and can flood phone networks with spam calls making people accustomed to not picking up a call from an unknown number. 

Committed to protecting consumers against this practice, carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and others are increasingly implementing call blocking programs for calls/numbers with the typical robocalling markers such as high-volume and short-duration calls originating from a single number. 

Phone numbers receive flags in two ways: 

  • By carriers using programs that function as thresholds monitoring calls with suspicious activity, if a phone number is making many calls a minute/day/week they can determine this is not human dialing and can be considered SPAM. 
  • By consumers reporting calls as undesired, one block/report will probably not lead to a flag, but by receiving multiple blocks/reports the phone number will be tagged as SPAM. 

What to do with your flagged phone numbers 

Smart Choice Communication has no control over the tag of a phone number on the destination carrier side. The best solution is to reach out to the destination carrier directly and request the phone number to be removed from their spam list, see below the resources where you can submit a request to the most common US carriers: 

AT&T – https://mkto-p0027.com/SQ0J1B00Z000mN02o00Q0Lc  

Sprint – https://reportarobocall.com/  

T-Mobile – https://callreporting.t-mobile.com/  

U.S. Cellular – https://reportarobocall.com/  

Verizon – https://reportarobocall.com/  

To ensure your outbound calls are not tagged as unwanted or fraudulent calls by the carriers, you can proactively register your number by clicking here https://www.freecallerregistry.com/fcr/, this helps reach the analytic providers that support the major US carriers. 

SmartChoice is aware of the discomfort this may cause its customers. The success of their business depends on their ability to communicate and be available to their clients. Our dedicated tech support team is aware of the issues companies are facing and is here to update and guide them through these matters. 

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