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Leave POTS Behind

Why Businesses Need to Leave POTS Behind

When Smart Choice Communications started selling VoIP solutions in 2003, the skepticism of IP-based telephony was at an all-time high. People simply could not get on board with the idea of Voice over IP (VoIP), and many times it felt as if they thought I was selling them quicksand.

Keeping this in mind, we devised a solution called Voice Over Private Line (VOPL) which eliminated the need for internet and guaranteed our customers the 99.999% they were used to with their POTS and PRI’s. This allowed them to see the potential of internet-based services and helped to change their minds about the longevity of POTS. Even back then we strongly believed POTS would someday be antiquated and that VoIP would become the norm.

Today, the “Internet of Things” seems to be the hottest topic. VoIP leads the way in the realm of telecommunications, and it is widely recognized as the standard solution. Considering SCC’s forward-thinking back then, it is clear we made the right investment.

Old Telephone


Why POTS Still Matters


I can’t say I believe Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) should completely go away. There are many users who rely on landlines and analog phones for various reasons such as lifeline services (hearing/vision), elevators, fire safety, etc. They already have existing phone lines and jacks in place, and can use their traditional analog phones to make calls directly.

Also, in rare instances where users do not have power, traditional POTS lines can be a great benefit. Since POTS use copper lines which do not require AC Power, users are able to make and receive calls in case of a major outage. Whether in the phone or office, these traditional POTS lines can really save the day when needing to communicate in the event of unfortunate power loss.


The Future is Here


Although POTS is still a working (yet outdated) option, nothing quite beats IP Telephony. The list of IP Telephony features continues to grow and the convenience is just unmatched. Being able to manage voice, internet and video capabilities on the same network allows for increased productivity and better communications within the business environment.

When it comes to POTS, let’s consider a few questions. Since POTS systems are dependent on copper wire phone lines to maintain connectivity, where’s your backup if lines get cut? What happens when your legacy equipment fails and you have to search for older parts that are difficult to find? Also, repairs can take time and be costly; and there is no guarantee they won’t go down again.

Let’s consider how much VoIP has evolved since it was introduced. In the early days, VoIP came with broken calls, echoes and delays. These issues are rarely seen today, and if they are, it may be time to get a new provider. Utilizing VoIP gives users an abundance of features allowing for efficient communications and enhanced productivity. With all the innovations and advancements in technology today, don’t get left behind while your competition leaves you in the dust.