White-Glove Service and the Future of Unified Communications

White-Glove Service and the Future of UCaaS

We’ve seen it. Retail companies have heavily invested in their digital presence; corporate entities have shifted to remote working, and the demand for stellar customer service is more critical than ever before. Let’s learn about white-glove service and the future of UCaaS.

We can’t deny that we have stepped into a new era and that 2020 has purposely claimed its right to label itself as the year that shook the world.

So, as we prepare for a new year ahead, what does this mean for the world of unified communications? And how is the industry working to sustain the business ecosystem that depends on it proactively?

As companies continue to shift to remote working, the increase in demand for seamless connectivity is endless.

This revelation is where white-glove service shines its brightest. Through hands-on technical support, installation errors, user issues, and other technical problems that efficiently prevent customers from using products are attentively addressed and handled on a case by case basis.

One instance is the transition from a traditional phone system to an all-in-one cloud solution. With SmartChoice’s Smart Direct Routing, businesses can save costs by integrating their business phone number into Microsoft Teams, allowing all communication points to stay in one place.

Smart Direct Routing with Teams grants users the option to reduce their operating expenses and pay for only what they need. This solution eliminates the purchase of individual paths from Microsoft on a 1:1 ratio, saving business costs by 75%.

Basil Stepanov, Chief Technology Officer of SmartChoice, states, “White-glove service means that organizations don’t have to face their challenges alone. Even before the pandemic, we equipped our clients with flexible solutions that allowed them to navigate seamlessly through changing times, allowing them to entrust us with plans that enhanced their business models.”

Ken Estes, Director of Implementation at SmartChoice, adds, “Our Network Operations Center dedicates to ensuring that our customer’s services are working at full capacity. Proactive problem-solving, coupled with the ability to adopt new concepts, enables us to equip ourselves with an unwavering strategy that provides a unified experience for our customers.”

According to a CITE Research survey in 2018, 69% of workers waste up to 60 minutes a day navigating between different apps, and 68% toggle between apps up to 10 times an hour.

With U.S. based hands-on support, SmartChoice’s engineers can customize solutions based on the needs of businesses, not the other way around.

Scott Talley, Director of Networks at SmartChoice, concludes, “Asking discovery questions to narrow down potential issues allows SmartChoice to provide better insights and act as technology consultants – mitigating risk and delivering real-time results, a testament to why white-glove service must remain the center of the unified communications landscape.”

SmartChoice is a technology company based out of New York City with a unique portfolio of solutions including UCAAS, collaboration, software and analytics, dedicated contact centers, security, infrastructure, and managed connectivity. Through its unsurpassed white-glove service and 24x7x365 U.S. based support, it has grown to become one of the largest award-winning PBX/SIP providers in North America.  

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