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What is a Softphone and why should my business have them?

What is a Softphone and why should my business have them?

When businesses need to choose their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, they have two choices: softphones and/or desk phones. Softphones are applications, or a piece of software, that grants the user the ability to use a variety of different devices, including: computers, tablets, or smartphones, to place calls over the internet.  The software allows the device to act like a desk phone, but they have more functionality and powerful features. Softphones are great for any sized business that is striving for enhanced productivity and unified communications. A hosted VoIP system with a softphone eliminates the staffing need and saves you and your company money.  Since softphones work on cloud-based technology, they are packed with features such as placing, receiving, and transferring calls, call with a single click, contact management, incoming call notifications, do not disturb, and more.

Softphones keep employees free as there are no geographical restrictions and only the need for a good internet connection. Your staff will have less missed calls as agents can be anywhere and with softphones they can talk to customers anytime. This mobile solution puts an end to a chaotic scrambling around the office, darting to your desk trying to grab a ringing phone. With a VoIP service, a headset/built in microphone, you can make calls from everywhere.

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Another added benefit is the capability for easy customization according to the need of the agent with speed dial and IVR being frequently used as added benefits. When it comes to maintenance and installation, the mobile solution is far less tenuous in comparison to desk phones. Traditional phones are wire bound and are not portable, requiring cabling and maintenance if a part of the hardware becomes faulty, whereas with softphones there is no need to worry about any maintenance.

If you use a Windows, Mac or Android operating system, then Smart Choice Communication’s solution will absolutely work for your company to reduce the clutter on your desk, save money and increase the usefulness of your computer. Software-based phone systems allow for communication through a range of devices act as a forwarding system for your existing number. These are extremely powerful tools, especially in organizations that need to be able to communicate and exchange vital information quickly.