Understanding the Power of the Smart Contact Center

According to experts, the global contact center analytics market is set to quadruple by 2026, reaching $2.66 billion.

The demand for outstanding customer experience has increased, leading companies to invest in providing consumers with better service – diminishing long waits on calls and eliminating the need to wait for hours for an email response.

While many of the nation’s workforce are working hybrid or remotely and as businesses primarily operate online, the void created by the lack of human interaction is why the need for attentive digital connection has surfaced.

With this, leading industries now believe that the core component of delivering success for an organization heavily relies upon their diligence in understanding their consumers’ desires, wants, and needs.

So, what is a Smart Contact Center? And above all, how is it different from the rest?

Paired with 24x7x365 white-glove service, the dedicated Smart Contact Center is a central platform from which customer interactions across various channels are managed. Whether through live chat, direct phone calls, or SMS messaging, its primary purpose is to provide customers with efficient and effective technical support, customer service, and sales assistance.

Through its multi-faceted interface and robust features, the Smart Contact Center allows managers to view their teams’ customer engagement and turn callers into customers. The platform is empowering, secure, and 100% customer focused.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Smart Contact Center best equips your agents to build the customer loyalty you and your business aim to achieve.

Oversee agent performance and obtain a bird’s eye view.

Examine the amount of answered and unanswered calls while evaluating marketing campaign performance. With this, you can identify sales opportunities and eliminate the need for surveys.

By providing extended cross-channel support, the Smart Contact Center also gives users the option to view real-time agent status reports, tailored to your business’s needs.

Understand demands through the sentiment analysis tool.

Receive alerts whenever a customer is unhappy. The sentiment analysis tool detects how fast an individual is speaking, monitors the change in stress levels, and observes the amount of frustration in a customer’s voice.

Our platform pairs our sentiment analysis tool with our spy, whisper, and barge feature to provide optimum customer service and de-escalate challenging situations to help managers set their team up for success.

While it’s essential to have back-up plans for unexpected circumstances, the tool also keeps track of good performance by distinguishing whether the person speaking on the other line is a happy and satisfied customer by providing simultaneous reports.

Communicate with customers throughout all channels.

Your customers must know they can reach you wherever, whenever. Whether through social media, emails, SMS messaging, or live chat, effective communication through these channels improves customer retention.

When committing to a contact center, there are three things to look for: Comprehensiveness, innovation, and integration capabilities. Found with the Smart Contact Center, these three components are crucial in helping your business keep a finger on the future.

As the right Contact Center will help steer your organization towards progressive development, it’s important to remember the value of educating each agent on how much impact they have on the queue and incorporate potential scenarios into training.

According to Brad Cleveland, an author, speaker, and a guru within the Contact Center landscape states, “Each person has a significant positive impact on customer wait times – a ripple effect far beyond the customers that they serve directly. Knowing about these dynamics helps employees understand why schedules are a big deal and why schedule adherence matters.”

Contact Centers, like any other customer service tool, are used to heighten existing customer forward efforts that add to the overall customer experience – a primary reason why clients look to SmartChoice’ Smart Contact Center for organizational advancement.

SmartChoice is a technology company based out of New York City with a unique portfolio of solutions including UCAAS, collaboration, software and analytics, dedicated contact centers, security, infrastructure, and managed connectivity. Through its unsurpassed white-glove service and 24x7x365 U.S. based support, it has grown to become one of the largest award-winning PBX/SIP providers in North America.  

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