Three Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your business communication System

Business Communications

The new age of work is here, and you’re ready to take a new step towards your company’s existing legacy phone system. More and more business communication is being made through mobile devices to take their work on the go, and you want the same for your team.

Outdated telephone systems cannot give you the analytics that you need to manage the operations of your business and is no longer a sustainable option in the long run. You know that it is time to upgrade your communication system, but with so many options and system costs in front of you, you’re unsure whether you’re making the right decision or where to begin.

Here’s a breakdown of why it is time to upgrade your business communications system and where to look:

The future workplace needs a modern yet flexible communication solution

Whether your team is adopting the hybrid work model or sticking to the WFH method, your communications system will need to empower the way you work.

Smart Choice’s Unified Communications as a Service enables team members to leverage calling, video conferencing, messaging and chat, and collaboration features in one solution. It also allows them to work from any location while giving supervisors the ability to monitor productivity.

Using a cloud-based solution such as UCaaS, business leaders can check in on their team’s performance, monitor and improve customer experience initiatives, and enhance their overall operations.

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Customer retention is the new go-to strategy; your communication solution needs to aid that.

It makes all the difference when you know who is calling you before answering your phone. With the call pop-up feature, the caller ID of the person calling you shows up on your desktop computer. It’s a great feeling when a customer hears, “Good morning Amanda. It’s great to hear from you!”

The great thing about UCaaS is its ability to integrate with different CRM platforms and merge with other collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams. If your enterprise needs a reliable phone system, VoIP is the best way to go. It allows you to use your existing business phone numbers, get advanced calling features, a mobile app, and a robust admin portal.

By upgrading your phone system, your business gains insight into how long your agents are speaking to your customers. Listen in on calls during training sessions, identify problems, and turn them into solutions.

You can get all tools in one solution

SmartChoice is a one-stop-shop for all business communication and technology needs. Whether you need to upgrade your traditional phone system or install a modern security solution, all tools come from one provider, secured in the cloud.

Through our secure and easy to install system upgrades, you can modernize your technology operations at the click of a few buttons, all powered by 24x7x365 U.S.-based support.

SmartChoice is a technology company based out of New York City with a unique portfolio of solutions including UCAAS, collaboration, software and analytics, dedicated contact centers, security, infrastructure, and managed connectivity. Through its unsurpassed white-glove service and 24x7x365 U.S. based support, it has grown to become one of the largest award-winning PBX/SIP providers in North America.

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