The Skills That the Leader of Tomorrow Will Have

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With the topic of hybrid work circulating everywhere, one topic that seems to be forgotten is the important role that leaders play in today’s modern workforce.  A lot has occurred in the past year and a half, and with enterprises shifting from model to model, employees need more support than ever before.

Leaders shape the way we work, and we need them to help make the essential large-scale decisions that cater to the needs of the organization. Tomorrow’s leader will need to be nothing less of a visionary.  Here’s what we mean by that:

1.  Tomorrow’s leader will focus on outcome, not productivity.

Whether team members are working in the office or remotely, business leaders will no longer focus on productivity, but results.  According to the New York Times, leaders should measure success by the results that employees produce.

Leaders should encourage their team to begin the day with a simple plan, assign time each day per week for routine administrative work, and focus on the overall desired outcome.

Additionally, leaders should make it a point to hire quality talent that will move the needle within the organization and not just fill a role.  This will lead to better turnaround times, less friction, and a room full of capable professionals that simply want to make things happen.

2.  Tomorrow’s leader will lead with purpose.

For every objective, there is a reason, and behind every reason, there should be a purpose.  Tomorrow’s leaders will need to dig deep before communicating their overall plan to their team members.  By doing so, they will be able to develop a back-up plan, improve their strategy, and check whether their vision aligns with the greater good of society.

By having a clear vision and defined roadmap to guide your team to success, the parties involved will better understand their responsibilities to get you to your desired place.

3.  Tomorrow’s leader will give back.

In addition to the benefits that leaders provide to their employees, volunteering and giving back gives people a sense of purpose.  By leading as an example and stepping forward for surrounding charity organizations and causes that benefit other individuals, team members will be inclined to follow suit and participate in charitable efforts.

As human beings, we give back because it teaches us to find compassion within ourselves and stay attached to values that are linked to the common good – a principle that every future leader should hold.

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