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Team Communication Tool: Smart Chat ++


The most effective collaboration tools boost productivity by helping teams work together more efficiently. Collaboration apps have changed the way people work, which has been extremely needed. A collaboration app is any piece of software that helps people get work done together. These apps save us from having to leave sticky notes, email colleagues, and leave voicemails every time we need to share some element of work and pass it along to other team members.

The goal of collaboration software is to ensure that the right people have access to the assets they need. The truth is, collaboration means something different for every organization. Why collaborate in the first place? A few benefits are; saved time, strengthened team relationships, improved project management, and better organization. In a nutshell, this software is essentially a productivity app that emphasizes and enables teamwork.

Smart Chat++

Designed by Smart Choice Communications (SCC), Smart Chat++ is a team communication tool, that brings together all of your team communications in one place, instantly searchable and available wherever you go. SCC stays up to date on technological advances to offer a full range of services. Their latest product to roll out is Smart Chat++, available on the app store as well as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Using end-to-end encryption, Smart Chat++ is the most secure business collaboration platform available today. What does this really mean? All of your communications and shared files are encrypted over a secure network to keep all information safe from being accessed by third party sources. SCC gives you the option of hosting on its private servers or to self-host. Not only does Smart Chat++ boast secure communications, but it is also backed by expert consulting, unbelievably fast installations, proactive personal service and a U.S.-based technical support team that works around the clock.

Collaboration business tool

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is the simulation of human intelligence by machines. Today, A.I. can be used as an innovative business technology that completes simple and complex tasks automatically, helping to free up time and help your business grow. A.I.’s natural language processing lets it interpret what you speak, type, or ask. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, A.I. searches multiple queries to deliver the best answer in seconds, and can automate functions that provide powerful insights by tracking patterns, trends and other analytics. Smart Bot is integrated within Smart Chat++ providing immediate answers to allow for more time to complete important projects and tasks, resulting in a more productive work environment. Ask Smart Bot a question in a channel or direct message and instantly be provided with an answer. The program works by utilizing information from multiple databases along with advanced algorithms to provide you with the best answer possible.

One of Smart Chat++’s most distinguishing features is its allowance for personalization. The easy to use and customizable interface facilitates organizations to collaborate and utilize instant messenger, file transferring, video conferencing, and screen sharing all in one place. This makes it an easy to use interface on all devices. You can send messages, make voice and video calls, transfer files, share screens, set custom alerts and easily integrate your other software to eliminate the need for constant switching between apps.

Smart Chat ++ features on open API that allows for the smooth integration of 3rd party software. Applications such as Google; provide translation and GPS map location in real time on a map. Smart Chat++ also merits integration with standard communications protocols on phones allowing the user to send SMS messages to people on the move. Another key aspect of Smart Chat++’s open API is it can also be unified with data bases and company websites, allowing all the information to be accessed from one single point.