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Smart Cloud Solution

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One Provider, one bill,
one Smart Cloud Solution.

In a traditional IaaS model, typical infrastructure components such as networking, storage, servers, and hardware are virtualized over the internet and hosted by a cloud provider. Smart Cloud, however, does all of that and more.

We analyze your business from all angles and design solutions that strengthen your entire infrastructure from the ground up. This includes everything from the cables in your wall to the phones on your desk.

Trust your cloud-based infrastructure to the one company that does it all. Our skilled in-house systems engineers provide single-source, end-to-end solutions for your voice, data, and security networks—from design, installation, and implementation to management and 24×7 support.

SCC is your end-to-end provider for all enterprise solutions. Whether you are opening a new space or looking to improve your current situation, we are here to help. From the beginning, our expert systems engineers examine your location’s blueprint and map out a plan for cable runs, server rooms, and jack placements. Once the cabling foundation is in place, we ensure your network efficiency and security through our SCC Network, with guaranteed encryption, redundancy and backup.


Physical Security


Communication, Physical Security & Analytics

  • Video Surveillance
  • People Counters
  • Presence Trackers

Network Security



Infrastructure Design

Cabling & Infrastructure Design

  • Low Voltage Cabling for Voice, Data & Video
  • Server Rack Installation
  • Router/Switch/Circuit Installation
  • Wireless Access Point Cabling
  • Cable Termination & Testing

We help clients in every industry choose
the smartest solutions for their businesses:

Real Estate

The Real Estate industry continues to evolve and change. Properties are constantly being bought and sold, prices continue to fluctuate, and open houses are occurring every day. Smart Cloud offers convenient solutions for voice, accessibility and collaboration within your firm to ensure fast and easy communication. Using collaborative tools such as Smart Chat ++, agents can communicate efficiently via voice or text, share files quickly, and keep everyone in the loop at all times. Smart Cloud makes it easy to communicate with clients, stay updated on listings, determine marketing plans, and maintain security across all parties.


The retail industry requires reliable voice solutions, data protection, and in-store/network security. With our redundant internet solutions, you can continue to stay connected to your customers, promote your sales offers, and even provide complementary in-store internet access. Chatbots are also available to provide immediate answers to your customer’s most important inquiries. With Smart Cloud, you can also integrate solutions such as video surveillance and people counters, presence trackers to ensure the highest level of security for your business.


The healthcare industry requires protection on all medical records and a flexible communication system. With Smart Cloud, healthcare companies can now have better security and privacy for patient data, pharmacy correspondence and medical records. Using collaborative tools such as Smart Chat you can send messages, make voice and video calls, transfer medical files securely at any time.


The legal industry requires quick access to important data along with superior protection from external threats. Smart Cloud provides collaborative tools to help you increase productivity and access important documents anywhere, at any time, and from any device. We also provide secure networks for hosted voice and internet, so you can stay in touch with your clients around-the-clock. With our end-to-end encryption and 24x7x365 monitoring, you can rest assured that all data and correspondence stays private at all times. SCC allows you to continue fighting for your clients without having to worry about outside interference.


The construction industry relies on fast, effective communication to get the job done. With Smart Cloud, companies and staff members can communicate efficiently using mobile applications such as Smart Phone ++ and Smart Chat ++, and access information quickly and easily. Smart Cloud also offers video surveillance and card access solutions for private job sites that need to keep out unauthorized users.


The Financial Industry stores years of important financial information that need to stay on file for reference and accessibility. Smart Cloud help with storage needs and provide easy access to all databases and past records. In the fast-paced financial world, immediate access to clients is an absolute necessity. With companies who value speed and reliability, Smart Cloud provides lightning-fast voice services with built-in redundancy and scalability to promote your business’ success.