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Smart Server Room Design

With our years of experience, Smart Choice will advise on the design and placement of your Server Room and its components.

Our highly-skilled systems engineers will ensure that cables leading to and from the Server Room are placed strategically, so they’re not in the way or distract from your office’s overall aesthetics.

Services Include:

  • Server Rack Design
  • Power Requirements
  • Cable & Patch Cord Management
  • Ladder Rack Configuration
  • Room Temperature Control
  • UPS Devices
  • Wire Ties
  • Patch Panels
  • Cable Trays

… And Many More!


  • Customized Solutions – We will design and install a Server Room to your specific company requirements.
  • Security – We will select a Server Room location that is accessible to your IT staff, but sufficiently removed to prevent access by unauthorized personnel.
  • Planning for Growth – We will consult with you to design a Server Room with sufficient space that allows room for future growth.
  • Server Room Expertise – We handle all Server Room design and installation details, so you can stay focused on running your business.
  • Site Selection – We will help you choose the ideal Server Room location in your new space or, if required, a better spot in your current office.
  • Smart Halo Monitoring – Proactive monitoring solutions from SCC’s Network Operations Center watch over your voice and data networks to provide continuous supervision, promote 100% uptime, and troubleshoot any issues.

Before and After Photos

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