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Smart Server Room Design

With our years of experience, Smart Choice will advise on the design and placement of your Server Room and its components.

Our highly-skilled systems engineers will ensure that cables leading to and from the Server Room are placed strategically, so they’re not in the way or distract from your office’s overall aesthetics.


  • Customized Solutions – We will design and install a Server Room to your specific company requirements.
  • Security – We will select a Server Room location that is accessible to your IT staff, but sufficiently removed to prevent access by unauthorized personnel.
  • Planning for Growth – We will consult with you to design a Server Room with sufficient space that allows room for future growth.
  • Server Room Expertise – We handle all Server Room design and installation details, so you can stay focused on running your business.
  • Site Selection – We will help you choose the ideal Server Room location in your new space or, if required, a better spot in your current office.
  • Smart Halo Monitoring – Proactive monitoring solutions from SCC’s Network Operations Center watch over your voice and data networks to provide continuous supervision, promote 100% uptime, and troubleshoot any issues.

Services Include:

  • Server Rack Design
  • Power Requirements
  • Cable & Patch Cord Management
  • Ladder Rack Configuration
  • Room Temperature Control
  • UPS Devices
  • Wire Ties
  • Patch Panels
  • Cable Trays

… And Many More!

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