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Smart Powered Lit Buildings

Fiber-Optic Setups Enable Higher Speeds
Of Delivery And Greater Bandwidth – FTTB Technology

Smart Lit Buildings

Smart Choice Communications has announced the addition of several Smart Lit Buildings in New York City. These buildings are pre-configured and are equipped so high-speed Internet, reaching speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, can be accessed throughout the building. Because Smart Lit Buildings are connected directly to the Smart Choice network, customers have access to the fastest installation intervals available in the telecommunications industry.

Smart Choice Communications Smart Lit Buildings are pre-wired, making them ready for fast activation so they can handle all of the high-speed Internet, voice and data needs of the building’s tenants. Smart Lit Buildings have fiber optics installed that are capable of offering speeds as fast as 10 gigabits with a reliability of 99.999%. The fiber optics that are in the building are capable of addressing the growing needs of any company without any security concerns or reliability issues.

Internet Access
Within 3 Business Days.

Higher Bandwidths
Up to 10 Gigabits.

Enhanced Processing
Upload and download at full bandwidth simultaneously for faster data transmissions.

Built-in Redundancy
Network failover with backup and fail-safe

Easy to upgrade to larger bandwidths, faster speeds, or to add new company locations.

Guaranteed, Symmetrical Bandwidth!
Download and upload simultaneously without experiencing slow service

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