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The Watchful Eye Of Your IoT

“See Your Entire Business Through One Pane Of Glass

– Basil Stepanov, Chief Technology Officer

Each business is made up of many moving parts. As these parts traditionally work together to ensure the business remains successful and efficient, it’s essential to keep each part working right. Today’s digital innovations provide easy ways for owners and managers to monitor each aspect of their business, ranging from video security feeds to bandwidth registers. While these innovations are often convenient, they can also become cumbersome when each detail must be gained from separate sources.

SCC’s innovative Smart Tile feature provides a succinct overview of your business through individual and convenient miniature “tiles” that highlight each incorporated aspect. The unique, “one pane of glass” layout lets business owners and managers view data on one page and help them save time by instantly presenting the most important business details—all at once.

Smart Tile Actively Monitors:
Security Monitoring Host and Server statuses Call Volume and History
Alarm Activation Reports Bandwidth Hosted Voice Portal Records
Card Access Video Camera People Counters
[+] Additional IoT Devices [+]


To suit each business’ individual needs, Smart Tile can be customized to integrate only the selected information feeds for an optimized display.

Each feature can also be further explored through a supplementary page to provide extended reports. By monitoring each parts, owners and managers maintain the ability to see their business from every angle and tend to any visible issues right away.

Dashboard Tiles

  • Global video and data overview
  • Custom single-screen display
  • Security, calling, host, and analytics feeds
  • Issue and incident monitoring
  • Custom notification timeframes
  • Additional feed integration
  • Extended feature pages
  • On-site and remote 24 x 7 x 365 system support

Smart Monitoring

  • Worldwide host monitoring
  • Real-time Up/Down host status display and totals
  • Additional host integration and editing
  • Interactive location map
  • Instant network location feeds

Smart Video

  • Live global security feeds
  • Unparalleled image quality
  • Instant location camera search and display
  • Additional camera integration and information editing
  • Instant alarm and activity notification
  • Improved employee and asset protection

Smart Voice Analytics

  • Interactive OMNI Portal call archive
  • Comprehensive call participants, call time, duration, and answer history
  • Call archive search option
  • Real-time call volume displays
  • Call center and agent performance metrics

Smart Call Stats

  • Interactive call volume graph
  • Date, time, and call amount display
  • Real-time call statistics

Smart Queue Stats

  • Global Call Queue group tracking
  • Queue Performance Statistics:
    – Average call length
    – Answered/unanswered call rates
    – Grade of service
    – Answer speed

Smart Access

  • Global key card activity reports
  • Inclusive dashboard statistics:
    – Card user name and card ID number
    – Card use date and time
    – Door location
    – Forced entry or extended open door activity
    – Card authorization and expiration dates
  • Business location and inventory protection
  • Custom access or restriction timeframes
  • Information archive search and filter options
  • Monthly monitoring reports
  • Mobile app, smartwatch, or physical keycard options
  • 24/7/365 real-time irregular activity SMS notifications

Time-Saving Layout
Smart Tile keeps reduces the need to cycle through sites and platforms to gain vital information.

Worldwide Location Monitoring
Smart Tile can integrate business sites across the globe to show information for each location, regardless of any designated business hours.

Existing Technology Integration
Current and future IoT devices can each be displayed in an individual tile

OMNI Portal Integration
The OMNI User Panel works seamlessly alongside Smart Tile to feature real-time network user statistics.

Multiple Category Tiles
Each data or video section can feature several tiles to provide a full view of all spaces.

Information Search
Smart Tile’s search feature instantly explores incorporated records for any requested information.

Issue Prioritization
By monitoring all business aspects concurrently, Smart Tile users can see which issues require immediate action, and which ones can be tended to later.

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