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Smart Network Security

Around the clock monitoring and support
to keep your networks safe.

As the internet continues to provide innovative ways to complete tasks, companies must continue to depend on the security of their networks. Smart Choice’s security solutions can help you save time and money while providing your business with reliable security solutions.

There are many digital risks that can create issues for your network, your information, and your clients. What’s more, these threats may be entering through the sites and applications you already use. Hacks and viruses can damage your system and its contents, while technology malfunctions can keep your devices from working at all—both resulting in major loss. When a site or system is compromised, so is your customer base. If sensitive or personal customer information is involved, you risk permanently losing clients –and their money– to your competitors. In extreme cases, business failure can result in downsizing and business closure.

Smart Network


Payment Card Industry (PCI) HIPAA Data Privacy GDPR

SCC’s security systems are designed to future-proof your business by protecting your network and monitoring your network devices. Threats can compromise your important data and sensitive information, causing harm to your business’ bottom line. Our solutions allow your organization to progress and maintain a positive reputation without worrying about your system’s health and well being. Our monitoring systems identify and eliminate potential threats, and work with other security functions to neutralize any issues, making sure they mind their own business–and stay out of yours.

In an unsecure world, SCC works to ensure your networks are fully protected and secure–24 x 7 x 365.

Instant Notifications
SCC immediately alerts you of incoming threats, while working to fix them immediately.

Failover and Backup
SCC immediately activates failover and backup solutions during network or equipment outages, to ensure your network is running smoothly at all times.

IPS & IDS Monitoring
Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) focus on incoming and outgoing information and typically only accept data when it’s recognized as safe, while Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) monitor your network for threats and provide messages detailing virus and intrusion information.

Smart Tile
Proactive monitoring solutions from SCC’s Network Operations Center watch over your voice and data networks to provide continuous supervision, promote 100% uptime, and troubleshoot any issues—even in circuits that aren’t on the Smart Choice network.

Smart Port Scanning
Port Scanning solutions monitor your open internet ports to detect vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing
SCC’s sophisticated scanning software simulates threats and designs the appropriate defenses to better protect your network.