SmartChoice Announces New Product: Smart Tile

SmartChoice a leading technology provider, today announced that Smart Tile, a convenient new feature that lets business owners view essential information through “one pane of glass” in one simple spot, is available to the public. Smart Tile is integrated with user’s OMNI Portal and Security solutions to display a dashboard of multiple tiles, each containing various information. The tiles present live video feeds, call volume, bandwidth usage, and network status, while also providing supplementary pages for each segment along with enterprise call history and card access reports.

Today, monitoring solutions are needed more than ever due to huge increases in infrastructure complexity, growth in cloud technology, and demands for a better user experience for digital business applications. Smart Tile offers a high degree of visibility and scalability, helping solve problems that come with multiple networks and geographical separation. By allowing users to visualize multiple applications in one location, network management becomes simplified.

“Smart Tile greatly simplifies the process of searching your data. You can set up alerts to notify you when potential threats arise. With Smart Tile, you get all of your data in one location.”

– Jarrett Wolfe
Partner, SmartChoice

Smart Tile covers everything from server support and monitoring to complete operating system management and consulting. Get the most out of your data by monitoring, managing, visualizing, archiving, analyzing, and receiving alerts. Gain extended insight into your network with enterprise-class network monitoring, alerting, and analysis.

“Monitor your entire IT infrastructure, quickly sort data, or analyze your bandwidth with Smart Tile. Smart Tile helps organizations that use SmartChoice services make better business decisions with data collection and network analysis. Our services cover everything from server support and monitoring to network traffic and bandwidth monitoring. Use our real-time dashboards that automatically update as you add or remove servers and infrastructure.”

– Basil Stepanov
CTO, SmartChoice

About SmartChoice

SmartChoice acts as a single point of contact for all of your telecommunications needs. We pride ourselves on providing personalized, cost-effective solutions customized specifically for each of our clients.  SmartChoice provides a single source, end to end solution for your voice, data and security networks – from design, installation and implementation to management and 24×7 support.  One Provider, One Bill, One Smart Cloud Solution.

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