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Smart AI for Healthcare


AI, Artificial Intelligence, is technology a machine possesses to function like that of a human- it can process speech, data mine stored information, and find solutions through programmed knowledge.


Artificial intelligence has made unbelievable advancements, revolutionizing the way industries operate; research may still be developing but businesses are picking up AI fast. Businesses in healthcare are continuously growing and maintain a huge client base, therefore have a need to maintain many records relating to personal health. AI is completely modernizing medicine in the way doctors relay information, check personal history, detect disease, and much more.


The use of Smart AI in medicine is easing the customer service process for both patients and offices by making customer service available 24/7. A client can ask questions and receive answers almost immediately using a chat bot which is important for customer satisfaction. A personal account can also be set up through a smart bot, making it convenient to verify insurance or other confidentialities. Hospitals are referring to AI as a personal assistant- it can explain lab results, self-update accurate notes or results, and can even recommend medicine for specific patients. Once a person’s records are in the system, AI data mines and alerts doctors of possible medicines that will and will not affect a patient’s body. The use of AI in this way helps doctors make the best decision for their responsible patients and saves the office money and time on things such as customer service representatives. With the thousands of patients residing at each office, Smart AI makes for an easier and organized way to communicate and locate information. The virtual assistance of AI has drastically improved the diagnosis of time-sensitive cases which happen quite often in hospitals. Computer intelligence has already yielded major benefits for medicine- the future of AI is even predicted to hold detections of brain bleeding and bionic hands! This technology is moving rapidly and will most likely be adopted by more and more industries.