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December FOTM: Smart Visual Voicemail

December’s Feature Of The Month: Smart Visual Voicemail

Smart Visual Voicemail uses voicemail-to-text transcription, a feature that transcribes the audio message into a text message that can be read instead of listened to. Visual voicemails are easier to access, as they don’t require audio hardware to retrieve your message, and let you quickly read the transcript when it’s emailed or texted to you. This makes it convenient to quickly view a voicemail as they come in, even if you are not in the office. The transcribed message appears in the body of the email, along with the phone number and an attachment of the recorded message as an audio file, letting you forward voicemail transcription messages to friends, family, co-workers, partners or employees.

Visual Voicemail is a great reminder to check new voicemails during those busy, overwhelming days at work. Voicemail transcription supports employees’ need to quickly scan and respond to incoming messages for better workplace collaboration.

Smart Visual Voicemail helps provide a sense of what the message contains to let employees figure out how urgent it is without disrupting their current conversation. Users can simply open the voicemail notification email, read it for important points, and plan the next course of action. With voicemail to email, there’s no reason to miss voicemails or delay receiving them. Make decisions faster by browsing your voicemail text on your computer, iPhone, or Android device in email form, rather than listening and re-listening to the recording.

The voicemail transcription service from Smart Choice Communications helps you quickly, conveniently, and privately read a voicemail on any device that has email access, as it keeps you from having to dial in and potentially be overheard by others as you listen to your messages. This feature will not only improve your privacy, but also help you quickly check a message without having to go through the steps of calling, logging in, and listening to your messages.

Benefits of voicemail transcription

  • Preview your voicemail messages in text when you can’t listen to a recording
  • View, manage, delete, and download your voicemails online, anytime
  • See who left a message by caller ID or contact name, as well as the time and duration of the message to prioritize your response and quickly and conveniently return a call
  • Forward a message to another user to share information
  • Receive automatic voicemail alert notifications or voicemail audio file attachments via email
  • Keep searchable records of your business voicemails that you can store in your CRM
  • MP3 recordings that employees can easily save as audio files to a folder on their computer to review and control playback of specific parts of a message
  • Privately read your voicemail on any device where you check your email.

Smart Visual Voicemail


A health care insurance provider based in New York was receiving thousands of calls a day. At this rate, it was normal for many calls to be missed and be directed to voicemail. The company needed to know which voicemails contained important, urgent information.


Aside from not having to listen to muddled messages and those with lots of background noise, Smart Visual Voicemail has saved the providers time. With voicemail transcription, they now have readable text that can be searched and filtered right in an email inbox on a computer or mobile device. Staff can sort though messages to look up an important detail, like a name or phone number, even if they’re not at their desk.